Friday, February 20, 2009

In Case you were wondering....

This morning I passed the test to get my Oregon license with a 90 % (Ryan got a 93- smarty pants).

Momma needs a new pair of shoes... just so she can be tax exempt!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Laney's 18 month Pictures.

Courtesy of JC Penney... Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Nap time and not a craft in sight...

Well, today I find myself in an interesting position. Laney's taking her morning nap, and I don't have any projects to work on (good thing Jess and I have a fabric excursion planned for tomorrow) and since I am actively trying to avoid exercising and cleaning I decided to grant you another exciting glimpse into the inner workings of my mind. (don't lie, you know you're excited.)

* Last week my cousin was giving me a hard time about not having a facebook page. So this morning I signed up for one- HOLY CRAP. I had no idea that this is where all the cool kids are. I just entered my name and birthday and about 300 people pop up under the people you might know list. Seriously- it felt a little George Orwell 1984 to me, how do they know I know all these people? FREAKY!

*Did you know that when you move to a new state in order to get a new license you have to retake the written test? seriously? aren't the traffic laws the same in every state- as if waiting hours in line isn't bad enough now I have to relive my days in Drivers Ed? Just charge me a ridiculous fee and be done. (actually, I'm just bitter because I scored a 40% on a practice test so now I have to study for real.) ARRGG!!

* I'm no fashionista but I've noticed that the 80's seem to be coming back in style. Come on people- unless you're 2 years old stretch pants DO NOT look good on you. Stop, step away from the lycra. Think about all the innocent high school girls who suffered brain damage from overexposure to Aqua net. I hope it goes away- we don't need another generation of couples who hide their wedding pictures because their husbands had a perm and they bedazzled their wedding dress.

* We leave for Vegas in 8 days... YIPPEE!

* For some reason I am a natural disaster when it comes to knives. It seems like all I have to do is take a knife out of the knife block and someone gets hurt. Even my mom flinches when I cut something (Ryan and Bobbie just take the knife away). I've cut myself with my bread knife about 10 times, once so bad I had to go to the hospital. A month ago I was using and knife as a lever to help me put together Laneys booster seat. (FYI- bad idea). It slipped and I ended up stabbing myself in the chin. Who does that? I don't know what boy I was flirting with during that unit in Home Ec. but I missed out on a critical skill.

Well, naptime's almost over, that's probably enough of me for one day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Tag About Ryan

So, as Fran and Jess pointed out we don't really give our husbands very much blog space- so since Jess tagged me I thought I clear some space for my hubby...
1. Where did you meet your hubby? As most of you know we met in high school. To this day we still argue about why we didn't get together sooner. I say because he thought he was too cool for me, and he would tell you that I was thought I was too good for him. Guess it worked out in the end...
2. How long did you date before you got married? 4 years. We started dating the summer after high school graduation and didn't get married until we finished at WSU.
3. How long have you been married? 5 years in June.
4. What does he do to surprise you? I'm sure this is not what the question intended but Ryan is always trying to sneak up and surprise me. He is constantly lurking around corners and yelling or clapping loudly. He loves to startle me- now, I'm pretty much immune to all surprise attacks.
5. Favorite feature of his. I'd have to say his eyes or arms... its a toss up. (although I want to throw in his hands because they pretty much earn our paycheck)
6. What is his best quality? He is a hard worker. he sticks even a tough situation out. He had to go to school for 8 years to be a dentist. He can set a goal and stay with it until he's accomplished it.
7. Nickname he has for me. Nothing really, he tends to call me Fran (his sisters name) by mistake but other than that we really don't have nicknames.
8. His favorite food. I honestly don't know (I do, however, know that it's nothing I cook). I guess I'd have to say anything his mom cooks. He likes steak and scalloped potatoes.
9. His favorite sport. Football, definitely. He knows all kinds of random stats and info on the players. His memory for football is freakish. He loves fantasy football and could watch it non stop.
10. Where did you first kiss? It was the first week or two we were up at WSU. We went out to eat and ended up at the observatory on campus and we had our first kiss.
11. Your favorite thing to do as a couple. Right now, we like just having some quiet adult time watching tv (we're boring). We're watching a lot of renovation realities on HGTV and laughing at other couples fighting. We also like to go do things together- in Seattle we'd go to the zoo or aquarium together and just walk around.
12. Do you have any children? Delaney and the two dogs.
13. Does he have any hidden talents? He is really smart. If he is interested in something he will spend hours researching it, and once he had read it or heard it it is locked in his brain. (that rule seems to be suspended when I'm talking, but is generally true). He is like a walking encyclopedia.
14. How old is he? 26. Four days older than I am.
15. Who said I love you first? Honestly, I'm not sure. I think it might have been me.... I tend to be the more chatty one.
16. Favorite music. Right now he is listening to a lot of rock. He likes Hinder, and a little rap. He also listens to country, but turns rock on in the car (I think just to annoy me.)
17. What do I admire most about him? His ability to take on big challenges and see the big picture. 4 years of dental school seemed like forever to me, but he knew that it was something that he wanted to do and that it would be good for our family. He was willing to make the sacrifices to achieve his goal. The same with his practice. I was terrified to take such a big leap, but he could see the big picture and was willing to take the risk and give it 100 % because he knew it was a good opportunity for us. He will give it his all to make it work, and I really admire that.
18. Favorite color. I have no idea. I think blue or green.
19. Will he read this? Maybe, sometimes he surprises me and checks the blog. Probably depends on if its a slow day in the world of sports.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Our weekend in Seattle

This weekend Ryan had a class in Seattle so we all headed over to visit our friends and spend some time in our old stomping grounds. Friday Ryan had class and I visited my friend who has 5 month old twin girls- they're adorable! I did, however, have a hard time convincing her that they weren't dolls you it wasn't ok to pick them up or poke their eyes. On Saturday we went downtown to the aquarium and to Pike Street. Laney LOVED the aquarium, especially the touch tanks- I think she would have jumped in the tanks if Ryan hadn't had a good hold on her.

Checking things out- she didn't want to miss a thing!

Trying to get a close to the water and little critters as she can. She would have stayed here all day.

Looking at a fish tank- in total awe! She ran around the aquarium from tank to tank, and every time another little kid got too close to what she was looking at she'd turn and point her little finger and tell them "no". Guess we need to work on sharing!

Eating on the waterfront- she loves clam chowder- who would've thought?

And she crashed, we didn't make it through Pike street before she crashed in her stroller (a first for her) . It was a pretty good weekend. but Ryan and I both decided we're glad we don't live there any more!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On My Mind

It occurs to me that my blog has become the Delaney Show lately (kinda like my life ) so I thought I'd share some things that have been on my mind- for your entertainment of course.

* Have you ever noticed that every disaster story from parents begins with the phrase "it got very quiet all of a sudden..."? A few examples- It got quiet and I found Laney painting her pajamas with finger nail polish, it got quiet and I found Delaney drinking bottoms up from the infant motrin bottle, it got quiet and I discovered my kid elbows deep in a box of chocolates... you get my drift. People think that the screaming and chaos that comes with kids is the problem but its the silence that strikes fear into the heart of every parent.

* 14 kids? Seriously? GET A JOB! READ A BOOK! GO FOR A WALK! and at all costs resist the urge to procreate!!

* The thought of having another baby terrifies me. Seriously, how do you people do it? I can barely function with one toddler- add an infant into the mix and I might lose it. How do you grocery shop- how do you nurse one and stop the other from playing in the toilet? Delaney won't be an only child, but damn, I'm scared of adding another one in the mix. *** DISCLAIMER*** I am not pregnant (just chubby) or trying to get pregnant. I break out in hives when people even ask about another baby!

* Ryan and I are going to Vegas in a few weeks, and I'm VERY excited! We're leaving the Laney Bug with my parents and enjoying a weekend of late nights, sleeping in and general debauchery!

* I got me some good friends. They listen to me drone on in a sleepy deprived haze about my kids sleeping schedule. They will brave Costco and Craft Warehouse with Laney and I, just to make sure we get out of the house, they make the tough times ok. Love you guys!

* If Jess and I make one more trip to Craft Warehouse for fabric, they're gonna have to send our husbands the deed to the place. Seriously- its a problem.

* On a serious note, Ryan's Grandma Rill passed away this weekend. She was one tough lady, funny, loved kids, talented artist, it makes me sad to think that Laney didn't really get a chance to know her. She will be missed.

18 Months Old

As of tomorrow my Laney Bug is going to be 18 months old. Hard to believe- So, since I know you're all interested here's a little of what shes been up to... she can say quite a few words, but only when she chooses to say them- ask her to show off and she becomes mute. She is particularly motivated to learn words that relate to food and the dogs, go figure. She still climbs on everything, tells me no, and pulls on my ears when she's tired.

She still loves going outside- not matter how cold- here she is playing peek-a-boo

She leads Angus around on a leash all day- she wants him to sit with her while she eats, reads her books, plays, everything. I think he is the most tolerate dog on the planet, and she adores him.

She has figured out our water dispenser- so she soaks herself and my carpet several times a day trying to get her water fix (seriously, what is it with this kid and water?)

Here she is balancing on the exercise ball with dad- she must have inherited her skills from her dad because she didn't get that from me!

Here she is watching Curious George (her favorite) in the morning, she wakes up like I do- slow and crabby. I keep telling her that if she'd sleep in it would hurt less...

And my favorite- everything right now is a hat- she thinks she's pretty clever with this one!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Costco with Grammie and Grandpa

Yesterday Laney and I met my mom and dad in town for lunch. Since I had extra hands I decided to get my Costco trip out of the way and went shopping with them after lunch. For Delaney Costco with her grandparents is heaven. They let her run around (I makes her sit in the cart) scream, play in the aisles and generally make it a large concrete playground. She LOVED it. At one point she lead my mom to a sample table and demanded a "nack". Of course, Grammie grabbed the food and let her have a bite. From then on Delaney would run around the store like a crazy baby, then plop down on the ground (in the middle of the aisle) and tell her Grammie "nack". Of course, Grammie provided....

Lucky little girl to have Grandparents like that!!

Craft Day

Last Saturday, Jess, Bobbie, Fran and I had a craft day. We left the babies at home and loaded up all our fabric and sewing machines and enjoyed a girls day. I can't believe how much I got done without interruptions! Since a girl can never have too much craft time with her friends, Jess and I convinced our husbands to watch the superbowl together so we could sew on Sunday too. This time we had the girls with us so we turned on a movie (being the good parents we are!)

Here are Delaney and Emersyn watching Old Macdonald- Emersyn's favorite- can you tell?

This is what Jessica's house looked like when we were done, do you think we'll be invited back anytime soon?

Laney spent most of the day climbing up and down the stairs- and she finally decided to watch the movie from that vantage point, silly girl!