Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dancing Queen

Delaney recently started taking ballet, and today I got to see a little dance they have been working on. It was so cute! She has been in heaven the last two weeks, she loves the class, her teacher Miss Austinn, and is excited beyond words that she is going to perform at the fair!!!



Watching this, I couldn’t help but laugh about another of her dance recitals last winter. There was definitely a LOT more freestylin’ to Love Shack!


Monday, June 4, 2012

Marriage and Dexter

This month Ryan and I have been married for 8 years. It’s been a busy 8 years, full of school, jobs, babies, moving and renovating. It hasn’t all been roses, but we have persevered and have built a marriage based on trust and mutual goals and understanding.

Or so I thought….



Meet Dexter…


There are a few issues on which I refuse to compromise; if you can’t put it in the dirty clothes, I can’t wash it, call if you’re going to be late, complain about dinner and go hungry…. AND NOTHING WITH EYES hangs on my wall.

Dexter has not been well received (just look at him giving me the stink eye!). Ryan “surprised” me by bringing him home this weekend and hanging him up in my sewing area.

I know, 8 kinds of unacceptable, right?!


(why won’t he stop staring???????)

I hate him. Every time I come downstairs and round the corner and find him….. just hanging there….. all dead….. AND STARING AT ME!


Imagine my reaction to stumbling downstairs one night without my glasses and coming face to nose with Dexter.

Oh hell no!

If he’s still in my house by Friday I’m having a deer roast. Who wants to come?

Delaney’s Preschool Graduation


Last Thursday Delaney had her preschool graduation! It was so cute to see all the little kids in their hats and gowns! It’s been all Laney could talk about for weeks. They sang a few songs and then each kid got to walk across stage and accept their diploma. SO CUTE!


As they walked across the stage to Miss Sandy and Miss Jeaneatte, each child had what they wanted to be when they grow up on the screen. There were some great ones, super hero, movie theatre attendant etc. Laney bug wanted to be a vet AND a dentist. I told her that meant a lot of school, but she just rolled her eyes (!) and said, “I know mom”. We’ll be accepting donations for her college account ASAP!


Showing off her diploma and Bible to Colt.


Such a sweet little graduate!

I haven’t broken the news to her that she gets to do this all again next year. She’ll be the experienced graduate by the time next year’s preschool graduation rolls around!