Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Busy weekend...

So, after rafting Friday, Fran and Jake were kind enough to come down on Sunday and help up pack and lay the flooring in our new house. It wasn't supposed to be a hard job, but turns out that it doesn't just "snap together" like we had anticipated. So, we ended up with a lot more more than we wanted!

At the end Fran and I pitched in and started helping the boys with the floor- with all four of us working it finally started to come together. Fran-look how handy we are- who knew?!

Fran and Gracee also spent some time helping me pack- see how helpful our girls are?

We ended up working a lot later than we expected and the babies were exhausted. We're all trying to hammer in the boards with tired babies in our laps. Laney just went to her daddy and laid in his lap while he worked- pretty cute huh?

See- ALL my babies were exhausted- look at those sad eyes- He was really glad to be done!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Last Friday we went rafting on the Yakima River with Todd and Jessica and Fran and Jake. It was so nice to get away without our kids and enjoy some adult time! It was quiet, there was no hurry and we had lots of brownie bites- pretty close to heaven if you ask me!

Here's a picture of everyone- We began the trip without our life jackets but quickly discovered that we didn't really know how to steer so they were on for the rest of the trip. I will say that after those first few minutes in the weeds the boys got pretty good at navigating and the river was calm so they probably weren't a requirement.

We stopped for lunch and the boys, being boys, started throwing rocks and playing baseball with sticks and stones. Fran and Jess and I guarded the brownies.

This picture just made me laugh- my husband- always explaining something. And you can tell Fran's not really convinced he knows what he's talking about!

We had a great time- I especially enjoyed the calm and quiet with all the chaos at my houses right now- lets make it a yearly event guys!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bust a Move

While we were working on the house Saturday Laney decided to bust a move- she cracks me up. Look at her little face.. she takes it sooo seriously!

A House Update

We spent most of the weekend working on our house- We got a lot of painting done and Ryan got to practice his electrical skills. Laney has been really good- despite having no toys, a house full of wet paint, and has lived almost exclusively on chicken mcnuggets for the last week.

Looks pretty neglected doesn't she? Her other outfit bit the dust and I forgot to pack her an extra so she got to hang out in a diaper and shoes. Quality parenting I think!

Ryan painting- this wall in our living room is ridiculously high- so I'm glad we're done with it. Also- thanks to Fran for helping me pick out the color.

And here's more of our demolished kitchen. Our contractor came in on Friday and took out the dropped ceiling and cut down the posts on the island. They should be done framing and drywalling by Wednesday and hopefully we can start putting this thing back together by early next week... fingers crossed!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our New House... A Work in Progress...

Last Friday Ryan and I finally got the keys to our new house!!! It's our first house so we're pretty excited- It's a 4 bedroom 3 bath with a basement and a nice back yard- and it needs some updates, but we LOVE it! That being said, we spent about five minutes looking around Friday and then started tearing things down. We're hoping to get most of the improvements done before we move it next month- but I can already tell it is going to be crazy. The biggest project we're taking on is the kitchen- we are pretty much taking everything out but the floor... but we're also trying to paint, replace some flooring and generally tidy up. I'll keep you posted, since it's an older house I have no doubt we're going to have some suprises ahead :)

Here's my method for picking out paint colors- Thank God for sample sizes!
A picture of the kitchen before...

And here's what it looks like now... YIKES!!

Fingers crossed that the after looks good!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Night, Night and No, No

Despite having a case of the early- onset terrible two's Delaney still manages to crack me up. Twice in the last few days I've found her in her bedroom rocking her baby night, night. She wraps them up in a blankie, turns on her night, night music and rocks them- it is seriously the cutiest thing I've ever seen. But, as you'll see in the video, there is no mistaking that we are right smack in the middle of her terrible two's- she starts out all sweet and cute and ends up with a case of the no, no's. (still kinda cute)


A Quick Update...

We have spent a lot of time in the last few weeks enjoying the weather- nothing too exciting but I thought I'd post a few pictures...

Gracee and The Laney Bug riding in Gracee's new bike stroller.

Swimming in Aunt Fran's pool. Fran and Jake have turned their backyard into a kids dream. Now, everytime I ask Laney if she wants to see Aunt Fran Laney says "yeah !! Outside, outside" She loves it there!

Mmmm... corn on the cob.

Putting olives on her fingers at the Schafer family reunion.

And getting into trouble- She somehow found her daddy's hat and was running away from me while taking off her diaper.