Sunday, April 15, 2012

Old Time Farming and Fishing

This weekend my Uncle Keith was having some draft horses do some “work” on his farm so the kids and I  grabbed Grammie and Grandpa and went on a road trip to Odessa (Ryan was at the Dental conference so he missed it)
We planned to do a little fishing on our way home so the day started with Grandpa electrocuting some worms.

It didn’t take long for the kids to get into grabbing the worms as they came up.
It turned out a little Schafer family reunion and I got to see a lot of family that I hadn’t seen in awhile. In fact, the best part of the day for me was getting to catch up with my cousins Scott and Kate who I hadn’t seen in years!
Delaney instantly found Lydia and made friends with her cousin Sally, and spent the rest of morning running around with the big girls! 
It was a beautiful day and we got to watch the teams plow a section of field. I could have watched the horses all day but my kids felt the need to explore.
They played by the pond
and did a little roadside farming

And didn’t stop moving for a second
After lunch they were exhausted- this little girl took a quick snooze on Grandpa’s shoulder.
After milkshakes at the drive-in we tried out luck fishing.
Nothing was biting though so fishing quickly turned into throwing rocks in the pond.
We gave up quickly then headed home. The kids slept the entire way home.
It was such a fun day!


Easter over at the Wieseler’s was, once again, a two day extravaganza of candy and merriment!

On Saturday we had Wes and Beth, Fran and Jake and Josh and Jade and all their little ones over to decorate eggs and BBQ. It was so much fun! I love filling my house up with little ones on the holidays, the weather was beautiful and the kids all played until they dropped!


There was no shortage of eggs to hunt, all the kids baskets were overflowing!


The boys were “supervising” from the back deck.


Colton, who had no intention of sharing his candy, crawled up here to eat his candy in peace!


The kids ran and played outside, and ended the day filthy and exhausted!


So fun!


Then on Sunday we headed out the the farm to spend Easter day with my family.

Delaney promptly found her new best buddy Lydia and started playing with her new squinkies from the Easter Bunny.


Then we were off to hunt even more eggs!


And ended the night in the kitchen popping popcorn for Colt. He LOVES popcorn and knows exactly who to ask. Grandpa hasn’t turned him down yet!


Easter Pictures

My talented friend April, (Speckled Hen) was doing an Easter mini and since we all know I can’t seem to resist I took the kids over in their Easter duds. Here are a few of my favorites- I am in love with the background she put together!