Friday, June 10, 2011

Hey Look- More pictures of my Kids!

Last night I  April of Speckled Hen Photography took some pictures of the kids and I. And since I’m in LOVE with them I’m sharing them with all of you…


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I know- the one of Laney singing her “ah, ah song” makes me cry every time! Seems like my kids grow and change every moment- I just want to capture this moment.


Because I know you’re wondering- April (who also took our family photos this winter) is now taking new customers, she is Hermiston and I can’t say anything to you that you don’t see here (except she is VERY reasonably priced, and a genius). Here’s her info again. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011



Yep- it finally happened. Laney split her chin open monkeying around on my kitchen counter. It was bad enough that I woke Ryan up (by hollering in a “calm” voice, whatever, there was blood ok?) and he decided it needed to be stitched up.  So good ol’ Dr. Dad went to the office and got a suture kit to sew her up. We had to hold her down and she WOULD NOT hold still but dad still got them in, and I was never more happy/proud of my hubby for going to school to learn to do this! Yay for at home medical care Smile.

One funny aside- at one point while we were trying to get her to hold still and numb her up she said, “oh no, this is not going to end well”. Where does she come up with this stuff?

15 months


My Little man had his 15 month well-baby check on Friday. He is now 25 lbs and 31 inches long, just above the 50 percentile. Only two shots this time and he shut off the tears the minute the sucker appeared!


A few things about Colton at 15 months

* He LOVES his blankies- anything silky- and he carries them everywhere. I think it’s too cute for words!

* He refused to eat anything unless he can feed himself with utensils. Very independent.

* He doesn’t eat anything healthy- I just got him to eat strawberries but he still turns his nose up to most everything else.

* He is a disaster a minute- I think he bonks his head three times an hour!

* He knows how to get what he wants. He will point and holler until you figure out what he wants and then when you find it he will clap or dance to let you know you got the right thing. It busts me up!

Quick Trip

We (I) decided that over Memorial weekend we needed to get away as a family. Work for Ryan has been stressful the last few months to say the least so I declared that we needed a break, so off to Seattle we went! We squeezed every last minute into this trip, arriving Friday around midnight and hitting the zoo, aquarium and Ryan’s cousin Tylers Lacrosse game… all in one day! Here are some pictures- we lucked out and got beautiful weather all weekend.



We feed the giraffe’s again and took Colton this time- he wasn’t so sure about that big head reaching out toward him. They have a new exhibit where you can feed birds and that was a ton of fun- Delaney was a little timid at first but once she figured it out she was fascinated!


They were also “dinosaurs” this time and Laney was terrified of all the growling, and then one spit water at us and I thought she was going to lose it! In this picture this little boy is trying to tell her not to be scared because “they have batteries”. So funny! Wouldn’t you know it, when we left she said that the dinosaurs were her favorite despite all the tears!


Then we made it downtown in time to watch Tyler’s state championship lacrosse game- they didn’t win- but it was really fun to watch and cheer for him!