Friday, September 30, 2011

Sewing, my go-to baby gift.

I recently had a couple of friends have babies and finished their presents and thought I’d share my go-to baby present (and anidea of how to do it) in case you were interested.

The first is a receiving blanket- but a big one. I have had several of these for my kids and I used them all the time (still do) because they are a great size. You need a yard and a quarter of two coordinating fabrics (I always use flannel).

Lay them out flat right sides together (I had a little help) then pin the edges together


Then, to round the edges, I trace a dinner plate along all 4 corners.


Then, cut the rounded corners and sew together (I sandwiched some rick rack on this particular blanket) using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Make sure and leave a part of the blanket open so you can flip it right side out. Flip the blanket, then sew on the right side using a 1/4 seam, making sure to close the opening when you get to it.


Ta- Da! A super cute easy blanket!

I also generally send a personalized onsie with the blanket but didn’t have any pictures of that, so here’s the same idea with one of Delaney’s shirts.


Start out with a plain shirt or onsie. In this case, I took a shirt of Laney’s that had been stained but still fit. You’ll also need Steam-a-seam or wonder under (I prefer wonder under). Print out the design you want (if you’re using an image with a specific orientation make sure and flip it). trace the image on the wonder under and cute the image out.


Then iron the cut out onto the BACK side of your fabric, and cut that out.


Lay your design out how you want it on your clothes. Then peel off the back layer of your wonder under and iron it into place.


Sew it on and you’re done. Easy as pie!

Here are a few of my finished projects using the same technique



I’ve also made a few of these tie onsies for little boys and they turn out adorable!

Happy sewing, I need to move away from my machine and clean my showers before the grunge takes over !

I stole the idea, and the print-out for Colton’s hoodie over here, I love this blog, especially her wake-up Wednesdays!

To the Moon and Back


Usually Ryan reads Delaney her stories and puts her to bed while I put Colton down. But every once in awhile I get to snuggle with her for a few minutes before she goes to sleep, and I always love those few sleepy minutes before bed.

The last few times I’ve snuggled with her she’s said, “ Hey Mom, lets tell each other how much we love each other.” Then we take turns saying deeper than the ocean, taller than the sky, and finally, To The Moon and Back, just like the book.

Completely melts my heart every time.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pictures with Grammie


My friend April, over at The Speckled Hen, told me there was a Sunflower patch with Delaney’s name on it. My mom happened to be here so she joined in the fun, I love the one with all three of us girls.  Enjoy!



Monday, September 19, 2011

Grandparents Day

Last Friday was Grandparents day at Delaney’s preschool. 078

So my dad came down and spent an hour helping her make this-


I also heard that they decorated bagels and had a snack. Laney was thrilled to show her Grandpa around, and I’m pretty sure Grandpa had fun too. It was a pretty special day!


… And I don’t think they wanted him to leave!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day of School!


This little lady started Pre school on Wednesday (9/7/20100). We had done a lot of preparing her to go, meeting the teacher a few times and visiting the classroom. I was really worried about how she would do, since she won’t stay anywhere, with anyone, EVER. But, thank God it went off without a hitch.



Daddy even took of an hour of work to drop her off for her first day!


Like I said, all that worry was in vain because this is the best picture I could get of her once we got there. She was off and running and told me when I picked her up that she had a good time, AND that she got scooby doo fruit snacks!


This little guy also though he needed to go to school and threw a big fit when it was time to go!

Go Cougs!

Last Saturday we loaded the kids up for the first home game in Pullman. We had tickets right on the field thanks to a friend of Ryan’s. Laney, always the coug, loved it but Colton was too busy climbing stairs and the railing to watch much of the game. The cougs won so we had lots to cheer for!



After the game we went and ate at Cougar Country with Stu and Sheena and “cousin Kira” who is in her freshman year at WSU. Delaney is VERY impressed with cousin Kira and her big college life at the “Go Cougars School.” Pretty cute!

Mini- Me

This picture makes me laugh- Colton trying to be a little man! He and Ryan couldn’t look more alike, definitely a mini-Ryan!



… who sometimes gets airplane rides.