Friday, January 29, 2010

In the Last Week...

* I forgot to put the lid up on the toilet seat while I was in the shower, and my sweet little girl had to go to the potty... based on the mess I found I can only assume that when she was unable to get the lid to stay up, she crawled on top of the toilet (with the lid down) and went potty- resulting in a very nice lake all over the bathroom.

* Laney wanted to go the the potty herself, when I went back to check on her she had found a brand new bottle of shampoo and was "cleaning" the bathroom with it.... and in the process had forgotten to potty and wet her pants.

** While I was cleaning up the shampoo mess, Laney went in her room to play... 3 minutes later when I went to check on her I found her painting the room (and herself) with Vaseline. (you'll be happy to know that Jessica happen to call right when I discovered the second mess and quite possibly saved my daughters life.)

* I locked myself out of the house at 6:15 am wearing my pajama's and a pink polka dot robe (good look on a VERY pregnant woman don't you think). And had to run around my house barefoot knocking on windows until my husband woke up and let me back in.

* I had to go to the Dr for appointment and took Delaney with me. And during the pee in the cup portion of the appointment Delaney started to clap for me announcing "Mommy went to the potty" to the world..... go ahead... laugh... everyone else did.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What we've been up to...

As Jessica pointed out I've been terrible about blogging lately- I think it's because it has occurred to me lately that we're going to have a baby pretty soon and I might need to start getting ready, I forgot how much needs to get done! Anyway- here's a little of what we've been up to lately...

* Potty Training Laney- she's doing ok... I thought that it would be a little quicker process but turns out it doesn't happen in overnight (go ahead- laugh). We have good days, bad days, and days with Daddy where she forgets what a toilet is altogether. All resulting in me spending a ridiculous amount of time in the "potty", talking about the "potty", and reading "potty" books.

* Delaney stopped taking her medicine for her tummy and no problems- so far. We're keeping our fingers crossed that she stays healthy!

* I'm 34 weeks pregnant- and SICK of walking around like some over stuffed walrus- it's only gonna get worse, I'm hoping this little guys decides to come a wee bit early. ( and NO, no belly pictures- do you think I want to remember this?!)

*Working on changing Delaney's room into Delaney and the baby's room. We're pretty much done, just a few finishing touches and I'll be able to check that off my list.

* Sewing for baby- this weekend I finished making some burp rags and his blankie I still have about a million projects that I want to get done before he comes and I lose my ability to see straight (and shouldn't be allowed near a rotary blade).

And to leave you with a funny story...
Yesterday Jess and I were at Craft Warehouse with Em and Laney. We gave the girls a rubber duck thingy to keep them entertained while we cut the fabric. At some point they started hitting each other with it- here's how the conversation went...
Me: "Girls, be gentle with the quack quack." Nice touches please.
Jessica: "Aren't you glad you went to 4 year of college so you could say that in public?"
.... yep, that bachelors in English is sure coming in useful now.....

Friday, January 22, 2010

Okay ladies- I'm In...

Marcie and Jessica talked me into doing a Quilt Along (it wasn't that hard to convince me). I have so many baby projects going right now that I figured why not overwhelm myself a little more! It's going to be a pinwheel sampler quilt like this one: See how cute? I couldn't resist.

I'm going to use a Simple Abundance Layer Cake

Can't wait for the fabric to get here so I can get started!

Anyone else want in?

Mom- when you get back from vacation I think you need to do this too ( so you can help us!!!)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing in the snow

A few weeks ago, we finally got enough snow to go out and play- Laney and the dogs loved it!

Little Lost Dog

On Christmas Day, we were out at my parents house and Ryan had the dogs down at the mobile home for a few hours. When he loaded up to come home for dinner we couldn't find Swede. Turns out she wandered off somewhere and hadn't come back. Ryan, Andrew and my dad search for her literally for days, and finally we had to accept that she probably wasn't coming back. It broke our hearts, and believe me I cried EVERY time Delaney asked "Mommy, where's Swede." It pretty much ruined our Christmas, thinking about that little dog wandering around in the cold, lost, and hungry (or worse eaten by a coyote) sad, sad, sad.

After two night we had given up hope and come back to Hermiston. My wonderful parents kept looking for her but none of us actually thought she'd show up.

Four nights after we lost her my mom called me crying (I thought she was telling me she found my dog dead and was annoyed) to say that she had found Swede!!! On her way home from work she had a strong feeling that she should go home a different way- and she found her! Unbelievable! So we all got to load up and go pick up our dog!

After four nights in the freezing cold and snow the only thing wrong with her was the blisters she had on her paws. We are pretty thrilled to have her back and Laney can't leave her alone.