Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Priest Lake week 2

This year we lucked out and got the spend a second week at the lake with some of our friends from dental school. We rented a house and filled it up with 10 adults and 7 kiddos. The weather was perfect- probably the best I’ve ever seen at Priest and we ended up having a blast!


The kids played and played. Delaney hit the water first thing in the morning and had to be persuaded to leave each night for bed. She and Hallie and Landon played so nicely together, it was nice to not be the sole source of her entertainment for a week!


We also spent a day at Silverwood, riding rides and playing at the water park.


We also did a fair amount of playing in the boat ( Laney even fell asleep during one boat ride) and eating. Mmmm spagetti!


We even managed a girls night out at Hills (courtesy of my sweet hubby) and sat outside at the fire each night.

Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Priest Lake week 1

The kids and I headed up to the Lake on Sunday the 14th for our annual trip with my family. We always stay at Hills resort, and Priest Lake is most definitely my favorite place in the world.

I got there Sunday night and promptly got sick. It was Wednesday night before I really recovered (just in time for sushi Wednesday!) Andrew and Jessica arrived early Monday morning and Ryan joined us Thursday after work. We had beautiful weather this year and the beach and the boat got plenty of use! My kids LOVE both, and the huckleberry milkshakes didn’t hurt either- here’s a whole bunch of pictures-



Colt on the ski bob, clapping for himself and Jessica and I on the tubes.


Laney getting in some snuggles from dad


My kiddos got in plenty of Grammie and Grandpa time, making s’mores and playing on the beach


Sushi Wednesday- my favorite! Laney and Colt both thought they needed to give the chopsticks a try!


And of course, playing with Uncle Andrew.


The view from our cabin, ah, how I love it there!


And my babies, completely exhausted from a day of fun!

Fair Time

The Hermiston fair was the second week in August this year and we were able to go a few days to check things out. Delaney loves the fair and runs around from one thing to the other a quickly as possible!

Wednesday we went with the Perkins and walked around and ate fair food and let the kids ride the ponies.



The pony rides were by far Laneys favorite, but I was surprised how much Colton liked them too. We couldn’t pass them by without another ride!

Friday night Trina watched this kids while Ryan and I went out and she and Mike took them to the rodeo.

Then on Saturday all of Ryan’s family came down and we went to the rodeo together.


Delaney, Gracee and Chloe looked adorable in their dresses- too bad Laney wasn’t in the mood to be photographed so I didn’t get a good picture with them all together.

Fun times- Laneys already asking when we can go to the fair again!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Goin to the Chapel…


… and they’re gonna get married!

Yep! Andrew finally got smart and asked Jessica to marry him. Thursday while we were at Priest Lake her took her out for a walk and proposed!! (I was in on the secret and would just like to say that I did an admirable job keeping it quiet!).


Aren’t they cute! I pretty excited- Jessica is a sweet girl who puts up with all our craziness and puts up with all my talking about books- so as far as I’m concerned we hit the jackpot (and it’s all about me don’t you know?) It’s also pretty clear that she loves my brother, and he loves her back.


My mom, who also adores Jessica, took one look at the ring and promptly burst into tears. Not really sure who was happier…

Congrats you two!

If you are interested in their version of things check out their blog.

4 Years Old


A little about Delaney at 4-

Favorite show: My Little Pony

Favorite song: Delaney Talks to Statues and If All of the Raindrops

Favorite food: “pink ice cream” (strawberry ice cream bars) and shrimp

Favorite toy: Her ponies and Bitty Baby

Favorite activity: Playing by herself and swimming, and “helping” in the kitchen

Favorite book: Anything new from the library and Pout Pout Fish

When did she get so big?!  She starts preschool next week and I’m feeling equally sad and excited- we’ll see how it goes. She is so full of life right now- soaking up every tiny bit of information and saving it up to use later. I am always amazed at how closely she listens to EVERYTHING. There is nothing mellow about this child- she does everything with all her heart (including throwing tantrums, singing, and giving hugs).  Recently I’ve become a bit concerned that she’s smarter than we are, and there’s nothing we can do about it. She is certainly more stubborn than we are! She is also creative, and informed that the other day that now that she’s 4 she is no longer shy. She is funny and a constant challenge- and we absolutely adore her!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Delaney’s 4th Birthday Party


This weekend we celebrated Delaney’s 4th birthday. She decided long ago that she wanted a My Little Pony party. So the night before the birthday fairy stayed up REALLY late decorating. But, as always the look on her face in the morning made it all worth it! In fact, I woke up at 4 in the morning to her standing in the living room saying “this is the best day ever!!”


Even Colton thought it was fun!



She opened her presents from us after breakfast then settled in to wait until all her friends came over.


Once her friends arrived they went straight to the bounce house-



My three favorite girlies!


Laney and Grammie


Laney, Emersyn and I


Colton decided that he needed some refreshment but didn’t want to get out to get it!


Colt and his best bud Bode


Colton with is auntie Fran eating his 4th cake pop. He also decided that the high chair Laney got for her bitty baby was actually for him, and thought he’d hop right on in


Just like last year it was a ton of fun! I know that the years she is excited to celebrate her birthday with us are numbered so I like to do it big while I still can!

Happy Birthday Laney-girl!