Thursday, September 26, 2013

Brenna–7 months

Ok- so I’m still running a month behind. whoops!

Instead of a 6 month well-child and pictures, we are doing it at 7 month, the hazards of being the third child I suppose.

Here are her pictures, courtesy of April!


This sign has turned out to be oddly prophetic, I saw it on etsy when I first found out Brenna was a girl and had it have it. Little did I know, that it would describe her so perfectly- she is just a little bit of a thing, but she sure is fierce and fiery  !

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At her well- child appointment she weighed 13 lbs and is staying solid in the third percentile! I just had to put away her newborn clothes a few weeks ago, but she’s starting to develop and little chub around her legs.

Brenna has recently discovered solid foods and cannot get enough! So far she will gladly eat anything I put in front of her (and a few things I don’t!) She loves scrambled eggs and bananas. She is also the most active baby I’ve ever had! She crawls and is already pulling herself up on anything she can reach. A few days ago I even caught her standing up by herself for a moment! Yikes! She is a terrible sleeper, still getting up atleast 3 times during the night. She has a hysterically funny, gummy smile and loves being in the limelight.  She keeps me on my toes but I adore her snuggles!

Brenna’s Baptism


Little Miss Brenna Beth was baptized in Gideon Lutheran church on September 8th. It was a wonderful day, and she was surrounded by all her family! Much to my surprise, she didn’t even protest to the event, and when the pastor put water on her head she didn’t even peep!


Pastor Bob, showing her off to the congregation. She was thoroughly enjoying being the star of the show!

Brenna lucked out and Sheena and Stu agreed to be her godparents!



Like Delaney and Colton, she wore the baptismal gown that my Grandma Margaret made. It is so beautiful and a special reminder of my Grandma.


After church we all went to breakfast together and Brenna was in heaven, that girl loves being the center of attention!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School!!

Well, it was bound to happen, My little Laney Bug started Kindergarten last week. She was so excited to go to school- she had her backpack and clothes all set and ready to go! She goes to school half day, from 8-10:40 and her teacher in Mrs. Cooke.


The kids rode their bikes to school, and Colton was devastated to discover that he had to leave his beloved Na-ney at school.


Once we arrived, she found two of her preschool friends and was off. I tried to take some pictures of her in the classroom but she informed me that I was “embarrassing her” and that it was ok if I left. *sniff* She came home loving school and seems to have fallen right into the routine, thought the mornings are a little earlier than we’d like.


One week later, it was time for Colton to go to preschool (I know, so much growing up for this mommy to deal with!)

He was also thrilled to go to school! He’s in Cornerstone preschool, the same one Delaney went to and he also gets to have Mrs. Sandy as a teacher.


He, of course, HAD to wear his WSU football uniform to school, and along with his Ninja Turtle backpack and scooter we were off!


He also settled right in and was ready for me to leave LONG before I was ready to go. I did get a great big running hug when I picked him up, which soothed my little heart! Mrs. Sandy said he had a great day and was a really good listener (much to my surprise)

Cannot quite believe that Ryan and I have two kids in school- when did this happen?!

Our First Egg!!!


We finally got our first egg right before we left to the lake! I discovered it and danced all the way in the house to tell Ryan ( I eventually made him go out into the night too look at it in all it’s glory) He’s a good sport! I decided to leave until morning so Delaney could be the one to “find” it. This is the look on her face when she saw it- see? I wasn’t the only one waiting for that egg! Since then we’ve been pretty consistently getting 3 a day, and I think a few have yet to lay.

Our first blue egg! Very egg-citing (he he I couldn’t stop myself)



We’ve been enjoying the yard and garden all summer! So fun!

Brenna 5 AND 6 months!


My little Brenna Beth seems to have decided to go thru all her milestones in one week! She’s still teeny tiny, weighing in at 11 pounds at her 5 month appointment (still in the third percentile).  She still wears mostly 0-3 month clothing, but despite her size, she’s already on the move!  Mastering crawling WAY before her momma was ready for it! Guess it’s time to baby proof!


She’s also had her first solid food and was instantly smitten! She gets so excited when I sit her in her high chair to feed her- yum!








Last Saturday was her first Cougar Football game, so she dressed appropriately.


… and her latest accomplishment is pulling up on anything thing she can reach! She was SO proud of herself when she figured out how to stand up in her crib.


She had also mastered the art of the gummy, cheesy smile! I love it!

She’s a terrible sleeper, never sleeping more than a few hours at a time. The colic is pretty much gone, but she is one spoiled little girl who thinks that I have nothing better to do than carry her around and cater to her every whim.  And we LOVE her to death!

Priest Lake 2013

Another vacation at Priest Lake has already come and gone, and I think we’re all counting down the days until we get to go back. This year the kids and I went up Tuesday to stay with my family at The Hills
And, got surprised by this guy! Logan decided to make a last minute trip to visit us at the lake, and my girls were beside themselves with joy! Laney had been asking about him for weeks before and was thrilled to see him!
All three of my kiddos think he’s pretty great!
We spent lots of time on the beach, swimming, building sandcastles and enjoying the sun.

The kids convinced Grandpa to make some Jiffy Pop over the fire.
Brenna thought the whole thing was great- though a little exhausting!
Laney was really into tubing this year- she’s so fun to ride with- she just giggles the entire time and seems to have no fear!DSC04674
They drove the boat, made friends, and tortured the resident frog population.
Brenna’s first year at the lake!
and a little pickle ball…. not competitive at all!
Our second week at the Lake was spent with our Dental School friends. We rented the same house as the year before and filled it up with kids and babies! We had beautiful weather and a great time catching up with friends!
Riley and Brenna
The men!
The little ladies (3 of the 5 babies that were there!) Kinley, June and Brenna
Landon and Laney tubing!
We were definitely sad to leave. A girl could get used to living on Lake time!!