Monday, November 29, 2010


Learning early!


When Ryan’s gone I let Delaney sleep in our bed, she loves it. Last week Ryan was gone so I put her in our room and went downstairs with Colt. He was running a fever and was sick so even when I heard her I didn’t go up to check on her (she usually is “just reading”). HOWEVER, when I went in to our bathroom before bed I found this….


Apparently my little Fancy Nancy decided that she needed to be beautiful before her beauty sleep because she had put on enough of my make up to compete in a beauty pageant (all she needed was the odd frilly dress and crown). It was EVERYWHERE, I had to wash my brushes and a good years worth of make came out. I almost died laughing (what else can you do?).


After she got her self all gussied up she fell sound asleep- its hard to tell but her face is caked in make-up. Let’s just say that my white pillow case needed some bleach the next morning.

When I asked her about it she told me that she was “just lining them up for you mom.”

Well in that case…

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Pictures

So- each year I try to get a family picture taken for Christmas cards. It’s about the only time of year I can get my husband to agree to dress up and take pictures. This year I was lucky enough to find someone here to take them for us and I LOVE the way they turned out! There’s nothing I love more than good pictures of my kids! So prepare yourself- there’s a lot here…. good1 good2 good3 good4 good5 good6 good10 good11 good12 good13 good14 good32 good43 good67 goode gooed gooood1

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making an Escape


Somebody has a new trick…



Lucky for me his little thunder thighs won’t quite fit so he gets stuck halfway through. But he is perfectly happy to hang half out there checking things out.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

It’s a Slippery Slope

Ever answered the door to some unannounced company or the UPS man at 4pm wearing puked on clothes and and scrunchy from high school?

Happens to me ALL the time. ( Yet another reason I PASSIONATLY hate “drop ins”). This is never my plan- I don’t wake up each morning hoping to spend the day looking like homeless person and smelling like a prison cell. And yet… it would seem that I’ve let myself go.

It all starts out so innocent, wake up, feed the kids put on work out clothes. Take daughter potty, change diaper, turn on cartoons. Begin what I hope to be a 30 minute workout. About 10 minutes in (just as you’re wondering why no one had invented a sports bra for a jiggly, post baby tummy) you notice the baby is trying to eat dog food. While trying to extract said dog food from baby’s mouth baby pukes on you and carpet. Clean up baby and carpet, then this is where you make the first in a series of fateful decisions- you could go change your pants, but really you’re just working out, why bother. (see it’s a slippery slope)

When that’s done, you have to get everybody dressed and the baby down for a nap. By now, the puke’s mostly dried and you’ve probably forgotten about it. Now, if it’s a good day, you get a shower, and if it’s a really good day you might get to put on mascara. After the shower you do a quick risk/reward assessment (measuring the amount of time before you’re leaving the house and the need to wear real clothes against the possible risk of being puked/peed/spit/smuggered on) Chances are you put sweats back on, if the laundry’s done they might be clean, if not it’s probably the sweaty, puked on pair from before. ( A slippery slope I tell you).

From there it’s lunch, which invariably results in smeared PBJ, spilled apple juice and hodge podge of baby food. Then, on a good day, it’s naptime. Once you get the toddler to bed you start to rock the baby, fully intending to put him down once he’s asleep and clean up. BUT the minute the lights are out- so are you. And you wake up with a drool stain on your shirt in time to race the awake toddler to the potty. Depending on your reaction time and their aim, you may or may not spend the next 20 minute cleaning your bathroom and changing the sheets.

At this point, you’re probably starting to smell yourself and head to your room to clean up. But an altercation over elmo/baby bear/sleeping beauty distracts you and you spend the next half an hour, taking away said toy, enforcing a time out and soothing a baby.

And then, the door bell rings. It’s the schwans man/your mother in law/ friend from down the street and you have no choice but to answer the door, in your puked/spit/sweat stained clothes. (AUTHORS SIDE NOTE: anyone with a working phone should not “drop by”. You pay 100 dollars a month to always have phone service- get you moneys worth and give a girl a little advance notice). So you and your hot self now have to act normal and play hostess to your guest.

When they leave, you might be shamed enough to go change. But, if you’re me, you probably just count the day as a loss, and refuse to get a perfectly good outfit dirty this late in the day.

Hoping the next day will be better….

It probably won’t. I think I’m just gonna stop answering the door bell…

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Sewing Post

I was over at Marcie’s blog checking out some of her finished projects and realised that it had been awhile since I’ve posted any of mine- so here are a few of my WIP’s and a few things that I’ve actually gotten done.

I had some leftover Bliss so I used it to make this ironing board cover- much cuter that the stained blue one that was on there.


Awhile ago I bought a template tool to make these pinwheels- I made these two table runners but I think next time I’ll work in a solid fabric so they’re not too busy. I don’t love them but thats okay.


Now for the WIP’s- there’s a lot I know- don’t judge me. All of these have been pieced and need to go to the quilter.

A quilt for Laney-


A wall hanging for above my sewing machine


My Pinwheel sampler- this still needs a border of some kind….


And the Christmas quilt I’ve been working on. I still have some appliqué and some buttons to sew on but I’m IN LOVE with it. The piecing was really complicated but I’m happy with how it ended up- can’t wait to see what the quilter does with it!


Whew- that’s all for now- but I’ve got a list a mile long to sew for Christmas- so hopefully there will be more soon!

More crazy thing Laney says…

Just today….

(Ryan went crabbing with Grandpa Rill on the Oregon Coast and brought home a few sea animals for her- This is the first thing out of her mouth.)

“ Mommy, did you know what this is? (holding up a killer whale) its and Orca mommy- did you know that?”

umm, not really- where did she pick that one  up?


Delaney throws A LOT of temper tantrum- so when she starts up with one I take her to her room. This happens several times a day, and there have been a few days where she’s spent more time in her room than out of it. Today- I was taking her to her room and in the middle of a full- on fit she said

“Oh no, NOT AGAIN!”  “I Yi Yiy” (is that how you spell that?)

I almost died laughing- after I shut the door of course.


And finally, tonight I went upstairs to make sure she was asleep and I saw her light was on. I went in there fully prepared to take away a toy as punishment, only to find her sitting sweetly on her bed surrounded by her books.

“Mommy- I just needed the light so I could read my books.”

What was a book- loving mommy to do? I just shut the door and walked away. Can’t punish a girl for reading!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween was pretty busy for my little snow white this year. We got a lot of good use out of her costume and I’m having so much fun now that she really is getting into all of the holidays this year.

We started off the festivities with costume day at the library- she was so happy to see her moo moo, who looked pretty dang cute as minnie.

DSCN1096 - Copy

Then on Friday we went to The Perkins for a Halloween party- and she got to hunt pumpkins, play games and hit her first piñata.

DSCN1107 DSCN1114 DSCN1116 DSCN1121 DSCN1130 

Finally- we took her trick or treating on Sunday. My brother, parents and cousin Allie were all here so we really had a party! This was Laney’s first time trick or treating and but I think she really liked handing out the candy best. Every time the door bell rang she would jump up and say “another customer” and go hand out the candy. It was hysterical!

DSCN1143 - CopyDSCN1148 - Copy

 DSCN1155  DSCN1171

Colton was a monkey- but he hated the hat! Pretty cute little monkey though!


Another dance recital

Here’s Delaney's second dance recital. Her dance class is run through the city’s park and rec program so they have a recital at the end of every month. They don’t get too much practice but she has fun!