Friday, October 23, 2009

It's a.....

.....BOY !!!! Everything looks good- due date is still March 9th. We're pretty excited !

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taking a Shower...

The Laney Bug cannot be trusted to run around without supervision while I take a shower so I shut her in our room while I take a shower.... and it usually goes something like this.

* I gather up her Elmo blankie, doll, stroller, snacks and turn on cartoons before I get in the shower.

* As I begin to put shampoo in my hair, I hear Laney yelling "I stuck, I stuck, I stuck". I go out to find that she has fallen between our mattress and headboard and is now truly stuck. I get her out and head back to the shower...

* Shortly after, the shower door opens- "Mom- backpack on" so, while shampoo is dripping in my eyes I put on her tinkerbell back pack.

*2 mins later... "Mom- Swede in" (our dog is locked on the other side of the door and Laney wants me to let her in... I try to resist but after several tries to ignore her and close the door (and one very childish attempt to hold the door closed forcefully) , I give up and let Swede in (dripping across the carpet the whole way) Swede, being a smart dog, promptly hides under the bed.

* After trying unsucessfully to get the dog out from under the bed Delaney shows up in the bathroom again- this time to open the door and hand me her empty fruit snack wrapper, announcing "all done" and refusing to throw it away herself.

* the door barely closes before she decides that my time in the shower has ended. At which time she opens the door and hands me a towel saying "mommy- out, out!. When I don't take the towel she throws it at me, it lands in the shower and my darling daughter (still wearing the tinkerbell backpack) tells me... Mom- towel wet. No shit sherlock.

*When I finally get out I find her sitting quietly on the bed watching cartoons... ironic, isn't it?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Weekend at Wallawa Lake

We spent the weekend at Lake Wallawa with Ryan's family- it was my first time up there, and Ryan hadn't been since he was a little kid so we thought it would be a fun weekend away! We went up Thursday night and Fran and Jake and their family and Trina and Wes came Friday evening- we had a great time! Here are a few pictures...

Ryan and Laney checking out the view on our first morning- Laney was convinced that there were "ah-ah's" (monkeys) in the trees, and kept going to the window and saying- Mommy, Daddy- Ah-ah ! Baby Ah-ah! (everything is a baby right now)

It snowed like this ALL day saturday- it was beautiful- but cold. We weren't exactly prepared for snow so the kids couldn't really spend much time playing in the snow (actually I think the adults got cold first) but they got to go out for awhile...

Her little hands had to be freezing but she still cried when we took her inside!

.... a cup of hot chocolate stopped the tears... I think she drank 3 cups before I made her stop.

Okay- So Ryan kept telling me that the deer are tame but I didn't really believe it... but sure enough they will walk right up to the pick-up and stick their head in the window looking for food. On a more interesting note, they seem to LOVE fishy crackers but when we tried to give them celery and carrots they sniffed it and walked away- my kinda deer!

Delaney thought this was the best thing ever- everytime we got in the car she was asking for the baby deer- and when we saw them she would practically jump out of the car trying to call them like dogs "come here, baby deer, her deer..." Pretty cute!

We had a great time- I think it's a place we'd like to go back to- very pretty!