Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Disney on Ice

Last Friday I got to take my little Princess to see Disney on Ice.

It was so fun, she got all dressed up in her princess dress (as did bitty baby, of course) and we met my mom for dinner and the show.




The show was great! Delaney was thrilled. She even sang along with most of the songs Smile


I think Rapunzel was everyone’s favorite, thought Delaney did say that her favorite part was seeing all the princesses at the end. It was a really great show and a wonderful girls night out!

Trip to Seattle

A few weekends ago we made a quick trek to Seattle to visit some friends and see the Science Center.

This was the first time we had ever taken the kids to the Science center and they had a great time.



Laney and I especially loved the butterfly house. There were huge butterflies EVERYWHERE. It was really pretty!DSC03095DSC03100DSC03096 

While we were there we also wanted to see the King Tut exhibit. It was really cool, but in hindsight I WOULD NOT take the kids again. It was definitely not designed for kids, too many breakable items and people!!




Despite going through the exhibit with two little ones (at lightspeed!) I still thought it was fascinating, the pieces are so intricate and tiny, I can’t imagine the work and time that went into each treasure.

It’s a …



The tie breaker went to the girls team this round. I had my 20 week ultrasound September 28th. Everything looked good, and Delaney was thrilled to find out we were having another little girl.



I’m always relieved to see that everything looks good in there. It was funny, with my first two pregnancies I didn’t have any idea if it was a boy or girl, but with this one I was absolutely certain that it was a girl.

Ryan thought I was crazy…. but it looks like this time I was right.

Bring on the pink!

Andrew and Jessica’s WEDDING!!


These two tied the knot! September 16th of 2012 in Sonoma California.

(aren’t they cute!!??)

Earlier in the week we all flew down so we could help and be at the rehearsal dinner. We stayed in a great house in Sonoma before the wedding and got to see a ton of family and friends. So many people made the trip, it was so fun to get to see everyone!

(So fun in fact, that I never got my camera out to capture any of it… oops!)

The ceremony was beautiful, Pastor Jaime (who also married Ryan and I and baptized Laney) flew down to perform the ceremony and did a great job! The weather was beautiful and the kids actually went down the aisle and did a great job as ring bearer and flower girl! It was such a wonderful day- I almost teared up when I was reading at the ceremony (must be the hormones!) I love Jessica and Andrew both so much, my heart was full!

(seriously, LOVE them both so very much! They’re great together)

So- here are a bunch of (mostly stolen) pictures of their big day.



Our little family (with bitty baby, of course)


Colton HATED the tux and had this face on the entire time!


BOTH of my kids had their stink faces on for this picture!


All of us!



The cutest flower girls ever! (my mom made their dresses and they were gorgeous!)


Silly boys! I should also note that my daughter fell in love on this trip…. with Andrew’s groomsmen Logan. Both of my kids adored him, but Delaney was especially besotted. She pretty much ditched me at the reception to dance with him. I can’t blame her, he’s a pretty great guy Smile. She keeps asking when he’s coming to visit.


Could these two be any cuter?!

And finally… some party pictures!


Laney dancing with Uncle Andrew



Congratulations Mr and Mrs. Schafer!