Monday, August 6, 2012

Here we go…


Yep- it looks like we are no longer going to be able to play man-to-man defense.

The third (and final) addition to the Wieseler family is on the way. My due date is February 15th, a little too close to Colton’s birthday for my taste so I’m hoping he or she will come a little early!

We are pretty excited, Delaney especially! It’s been a rough few months for me this time around, this baby and my stomach can’t seem to get along so I’ve spent WAY too much time hugging the toilet. I’m really hoping that it eases up in the next few weeks. Say a prayer for me- green’s not my best color!

Laney’s 5!

I can’t quite believe that this little lady is turning 5! We celebrated her birthday a little early- and she was one happy little girl. The birthday fairy stayed up REALLY late decorating (barbie themed party, which caused her mother a little pain)

We let her open her present from us in the morning, then she quickly disappeared to play with her new treasure, far away from her pesky little brother!


Then it was party time- we had a full house and she was in heaven!


She even let her brother help her open her presents!


Then it was cake time!



I think the cake was the highlight of the party for these two!


Happy Birthday Laney-Bug!

Harvest 2012

Harvest time is here again! The kids and I made it out to the farm to make sure Grandpa was doing it properly Smile. We had a great time, driving combine and swimming.


We started the day out with the old bucket tractor at the moble home.


Colton, in particular, took tractor driving seriously. Here he is tell me to “backup” and leave him alone!

Colt was first up on the combine, and made it about 5 minutes before falling asleep on the job.


This little lady took her job more seriously.


She was concentrating so hard on driving- it was adorable!


It was such a fun day- and they both were fast asleep for the drive home!