Sunday, February 26, 2012

LOOK who’s 2!



This little man turned two today!


I still can’t believe my tiny little baby has grown so much!



Colton is a happy, fun little man. He loves anything he can play with a stick and a ball. He walks around all day with a bat or golf club in his hand looking for the next ball he can tee up. He thinks his sister is pretty great, but doesn’t hesitate to steal her toys or drive her crazy!

Right now he has a terrible sweet tooth, he refuses any and all healthy food and would live on juice and cheetos if I’d let him!

He also like trains, saying “all aboard” every time he sees or hears one. He still carries his blankie everywhere, refusing to leave the house without it.

He is the joker in our house, always keeping us laughing and entertained- we love him to death!

Happy Birthday Bubba!



Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sugar Dish Quilt Along with Marcie

So, I completely stole this post from Marcie’s blog. We are going to start working on it soon so if you’re interested let us know! I’m going to be using a jelly roll by Moda- Hello Luscious.


Last weekend at the craft retreat, Amy and I talked about both wanting to try Dresden quilt blocks…which led to remembering this pattern from one of my favorite pattern writers:


Sugar Dish by Cluck Cluck Sew
(click on picture for link to where you can buy the pattern)

And decided we wanted to do a quilt along. Only, neither of us have hosted a quilt along before, so we’re not real sure how to do it. Maybe it will just be the two of us, though, and we won’t have to worry about how to host one! ha!

If you want to Dresden-quilt-along with us, here are the fabric requirements:

1 Jelly Roll
1 1/8 yards cream
6 squares 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" for dresden plate circles
1/2 yard binding
3 yards backing

I’m going to use Papillion by 3 Sisters for my quilt. I picked up this Jelly Roll at Craft Warehouse last weekend with my 40% off coupon! Score!



So – would anyone like to join us? We haven’t talked much about timelines or dates…we’re pretty easy going. :)

Should we try to get started by the 1st of March? We’d love to hear if you’re going to quilt along with us…or if we’re the only two crazies that want to try Dresden blocks. That’s entirely possible!! We’ll still have a good time and a beautiful quilt to show for it!

Happy Valentines Day!

Our Valentines day started a little early with a party at the Laney Bug’s school. It was the first time she really got to hand out valentines and she LOVED it! She goes through her valentines box a couple time of day to take stock of all her goodies! Colton enjoyed the cookies and pretended to be a big kid at preschool.






…… THEN on the actual valentines day I walked outside to find THIS in our driveway!!!!! Smile


I know! Just like the commercials of TV!

Todd had been looking for a car for us for a few months but told me that this one went for too much money (I was super sad because it has tons of extras, and its RED). Little did I know that he and my wonderful hubby were conspiring to surprise me. Those two managed to sneak it into our drive the night before (after some reconnaissance and a late night walk around the block).

I was completely surprised (Jessica even managed to keep it a secret from me!). So fun- I LOVE it!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Father Daughter Dance 2012

This year our friend Kellan invited Ryan and Delaney to go with he and Rhilynn to a father daughter dance at the TRAC. Laney, of course, was thrilled and had been looking forward to it for weeks!

Being the girlie girl she is, she wanted me to curl her hair and do it like “cinderella’s”.  As usual, she mugged in front of the mirror the entire time!

dance 1

She looked so big and sweet next to her handsome Daddy!

dance 3dance 7dance 2

She even got her first corsage, which she LOVED!

dance 4dance 5dance 6

after the dance, they went out to pizza. She came home with a balloon, and stuffed elephant and the BIGGEST smile on her face! When I asked her what her favorite part was she replied,

“dancing with daddy.”

Leave it to her sweet Daddy to make her feel like a princess! LOVED every minute of it! Can’t wait until next year!

Ant Farm

Awhile back I got an ant farm for Ryan (note, it wasn’t for the kids, definitely for Ryan!) The ants just arrived in the mail and so far the kids (and their dad) are completely fascinated.


We had a minor debacle at the beginning of the ant farm when we failed to leave the ants in the fridge long enough and we had a few escapees- in this picture Ryan is yelling at me to put the camera down and help and Delaney is standing on one foot screaming “I’m Freaking out guys!!!!”




They finally all made it in the actual farm!


And the kids have been watching their progress ever since!


Laney’s Preschool Field Trip

February was community helpers month in Delaney’s preschool so (in a moment of insanity) I offered to have the class to the office for a field trip. Funny, I seem to have forgotten how much work it is to keep a class full of little people occupied and interested for an hour!

Ryan talked to the kids a little about teeth and visiting the dentist first.


Colton, who already thinks he ought to be in school, made himself right at home in Miss Sandy’s lap!

colt and ms sandy

Then we read a book and colored


Finally, the kids went up and got to sit in the chair and tour the office.


I think it went really well, but after I really needed a nap! Smile

First Trip to Doctor Dad

A few weeks ago Laney got to take her first official trip to Ryan’s office for a cleaning. Ryan took her to work with him in the morning (which she LOVED!) Then Lee cleaned her teeth.

I was not allowed to go, but I heard she did great! Lee was sweet enough to take a few pictures for me to memorialize the event!

Laney and her back to the future glasses, I think the glasses might have been her favorite part!


She and Lee when I came to pick her up. She really likes Lee so it was perfect when she was available to clean her teeth.


All done, no cavities!


This little man will be two at the end of the month, and I have to admit that I’m loving him at this age! He is just completely full of it! He is as much a boy as his sister is a girl. Everything’s a weapon or a reason to jump and wrestle and hit. He cracks me up ALL day long with his personality- here’s the perfect example

Colton, at 6:30 am, putting on his boots to try and convince his daddy to take him with him to work!


He had to do everything his dad is doing, expecially if he is building or fixing something. Colton loves nothing more than hanging out in the garage with his dad and some tools.


He is also constantly in mischief.  He probably needs to get in trouble more than he does but he is just so dang cute I seem to laugh more than punish! This is him saying “OH NO"!” after turning the mixer on when I had my back turned and covering the kitchen in flour.


But right now, what he loves the most is bats and balls. Anything resembling a stick or a bat is instantly turned into a sword or golf club or bat. He's prefer to hit a ball but when he can’t find one he’ll hit whatever’s in his path until someone finds him a ball.


Such a sweet little man, we are loving him to death right now and his momma wishes he’d grow a wee bit slower!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Craft Retreat

Last weekend was the annual Beta craft retreat. It was SO much fun! An entire weekend of sewing, eating and laughing. My brave husband kept the kids so I could spend every minute possible sewing my heart out!

Here is the one project I got all the way through. It was especially fun because Marcie was working on the same pattern at the same time with different fabric. The finished projects are so different (I LOVED hers- funny how it always works out that way!)



We had so much fun and I laughed and talked until I lost my voice! After staying up until 2 each morning and eating my weight in gummy bears (and a teeny bit of wine) I woke up Sunday morning feeling more like I had been to a bachelor party!

These crafty ladies, and my mom, were so fun to hang out with all weekend, definitely what this Momma needed!

IMG_1810[2]photo 5[2]

See you next year ladies!