Thursday, May 27, 2010


I was looking back to see how much Colton looks like Delaney- so here's a picture of them both at around 3 months... what do you think?

3 Months

Hard to believe but my "little" man is 3 months old already! I weighed him today, and if the scale is to be believed he now weights about 14 pounds. For those of you keeping track that means that he has gained 4lbs in a month! Seems like a lot- he's really starting to get some good chub going on! He holds his head up pretty well and sleeps through the night. He has been pretty fussy lately, but he's so cute we've decided to forgive him. He smiles everytime he sees his sister, and puts up with her attempts to "love" on him (abuse him).

Kittens and Treadmills

Two totally unrelated topics I know-

On Mother's Day we went out to Nina and Papa's house for egg rolls (yummy) and on the way we stopped and Uncle Wesley's house to see the kittens. Laney found one that seemed to like her (or had given up the will to live) and carried it around the entire time. At one point her arms must have gotten tired so she shoved it down her overalls- poor thing just hung there- making no effort to escape. Laney LOVED it!

A few weeks ago Ryan and I got a treadmill in the hopes that we would both start getting into shape (okay- truth? I need to get in shape. The bean pole I'm married to just wanted an excuse to watch sports center). We unloaded it (Ryan dropped it on his toe) then Ryan set up a tv, rearraged the room and basically did all the work to get set up. He didn't use it for a week or so, but the first time he did.... he kicked a hole through the wall. The way I understand it is that the treadmill went faster than he did thus propelling his foot through the drywall. He would like you all to know that he didn' t fall what with his cat-like reflexes! Just one more project to add to the honey- do list. Anyone know how to repair a hole like that?

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Two Little Projects

Since I haven't really had time lately to take on another quilt project I have tried making Laney some clothes- the shirt is from this tutotial- I just added a little ruffle at the bottom. And I got the idea for this charm pack dress here- using a tee shirt from Target then making a little ruffle with the excess tee shirt material. I think I'm starting to feel more comfortable making clothes- and it helps that Delaney LOVES the dress and wants to wear it all the time!

Spring Planting...

Last weekend we starting our annual planting at the Practice and the house. The entire weekend was spent buying and planting flowers- Delaney was in heaven and I think Colton liked being outside- even though he was a little neglected at times. :)
Laying on the grass while mom and dad worked- you can see that Delaney thought he looked lonely so she generously let him have her doll for company!

Helping Dad plant flowers- and telling him that she "yoves the purple ones"

Too much fun! This was after our second trip to the nursery for more flowers- poor guy was all tuckered out!


Just a few things the Bug has been up to lately...
I bought her some princess foam stickers, and she fell in LOVE. Most of the day was spend dressing them, giving them crowns, dresses and wands- such a girl!


Lately she has started hanging everything up- I find things hanging from the oddest places....

Funny, huh?

Golfin with her dad in the back yard- he's getting her started early!

Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Things My Mother was Right About...

1. Mornings are bad, very very bad- Neither one of us can tolerate mornings, we are slow moving, silent creatures for atleast an hour upon waking. In fact, my mom's one of the few people I can stand to have around while I'm eating breakfast cause you can just see in her eyes that she's hurting as much as I am!

2. Pick your battles- this might be the best parenting advice she's every given me. Only fight the battles that are really important, let the rest go. Period.

3. There ain't nothin like a good pair of shoes to make a girl feel pretty- They always fit, and come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors. One of my great regrets in life is that we don't quite have the same shoes size- cause that lady's got some really GREAT shoes!

4. We all need to be mothered sometimes- I LOVE going to my mom's house because I can pretty much just put it in neutral and relax. I still remeber being at my grandma's house with my mom and having her say the same thing. We need our mommy, even when we're moms ourself.

5. Eat you veggies- My poptart addiction horrifies my mother, but thanks to her I also try to put something green on the table.

6. Rock your babies- I recently confinded in my mom that I knew I needed to teach Laney to go to sleep on her own but that I hated the idea of not rocking her at night- even though she was getting to be a wee bit too big. My mom reminded me that I could do both, and she said to rock my little girl as long as she would let me, because time goes by way to fast to give up something so precious.

7. Read to you kids- my mom read to me every day. She even read the entire Little House on the Praire series to me. I LOVE books and all the credit goes to her.

8. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself- My mom is a patient, relaxed person- so you'd never guess that there is a little bit of temper behind her smile. One of the things that I most admire about my mom is the hint of steel underneath her even temper. She rarely gets fired up- but when she does, she means it. If my mom tells you you were in the wrong- chances are VERY GOOD you were. That woman has the strength of Sampson I tell you. I so admire that!

9. The best gift you can give you children is to love their father.

10. Grace- her grace as a mother, a wife, and a woman astound me. When Delaney had to go under anethesia to remove the quarter she swallowed, I called my mom and cried. To think what she has endured... I stand in awe. It is so true that you cannot fully understand your mother until you are one yourself. It is my constant prayer that I can be half the mother to my children that she has been to us. She is my best friend, I don't know anyone cooler. I want to grow up to be my mom.

And you wanna know the best part? The part that's better than all the band-aids, kisses, and phone calls? She has let me get to know her as Beth- this wonderful, adventurous, kind, strong, accomplished woman. As children we know our parents as just that, our parents. But in the last few years my mom has allowed me to know her as more than that. She had confided in me her troubles, her weaknesses and treated me as a equal, a friend. What a gift! I don't think every mother is able to do that for her children- but oh how I have needed that these last few years as a new mommy. To know that the mom,who I think of as perfect, isn't. To understand that my imperfections as a mother are ok- to have the hope that someday all my crazies won't mean that Laney and I can't have the same relationship that my mom and I have- what a relief- and again, what a gift!

Thank you mom- there are no words (and Lord knows, I'm a girl with a lot of words) to tell you how much you mean to me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Uncle Aanew

So I've been thinking about this guy a lot lately-
My brother Andrew moved to Pittsburg after Christmas this year to start a management training program with the Fairmont Hotel, and we miss him like crazy! Since he is so far away, and doesn't get much time off we haven't been able to see him in what seems like forever- he hasn't gotten to meet Colton or play with the Laney Bug in a really long time! But the thing is- that despite the fact that we all miss him like crazy, I'm also crazy proud of him (and a little jealous too!). He's got skills that I can only dream about... he and his cutie girlfriend Jessica have moved to this new town and already met people, gone to plays, baseball games, German bars (he he he) and done a dozen other cool things exploring Pittsburgh, whereas I moved to Seattle and rarely left my cave except for groceries and coffee.
He is brave and can talk to anyone (contrast that with the fact that I can barely speak to the checker at Costco without getting nervous). He is a supastar at his job and has already gotten several awards- so he's pretty much amazing. I dream of being as funny and easy going as he is. He is friends with everyone- and everyone he meets seems to fall in love with him (contrast that with the fact that I have like three friends... hmmm... sounding more and more like I got the short end of the gene pool-eh?). I hope he doesn't become famous and move away for good...
Drew- we miss you- try to screw something up so you don't become president of the Fairmont and live in the big city forever, cause we think you're kinda cool and would like you around!

Silly Girl !!

Here are some pictures of Delaney being silly... I love this little girl!

Wearing her crown and jewels... saying "gorgeous".

This one has a story with it... Ryan was starting some seeds out in the garage, and one night around 11 I couldn't find him so I looked out in the garage to find him wearing this headlamp and planting seeds with tweezers (Do you think that the good Dr is a wee bit anal retentive?) Anywhoo, Delaney thought they were cool after seeing her Daddy wear them, so this is her coming in from helping her dad- wearing her PJ's, her "kitty" rain boots and a headlamp. Someday I'm showing this to her prom date...

And this is my little girly-girl in her "Fancy" clothes, high heels and all !

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 months

Okay, we're a little behind here...

Colton was 2 months old on April 26th, and had his two month well-baby appointment on the 29th. Poor little man had to have 5 different shots this month, Oh how I hate seeing my babies get shots... :(. Here are his stats: He was 10 lbs 6 ounces and 23.5 inches long, and his head was 15 inches. He's pretty much right down the middle of the growth chart. He's a sweet, sweet baby! He's starting to get some chub on his little legs and smiles more each day. He definitely get's fussy- and is already starting to demand his mother's attention! Here are some pictures, sorry about the shadows, I'm no photographer!