Thursday, March 24, 2011


Last weekend Ryan and I went to Las Vegas to celebrate our birthdays and get away for awhile. We left the kids with my mom and dad Thursday night and came back Sunday evening. We had a great time- it was so nice to get to spend some together and relax a little! We stayed here-

at Caesars Palace, and loved it. Our room was nice and it was in a good location. We’d definitely stay there again.

We spent most of our time walking, and walking and walking…. Ryan played some poker while I shopped. Since it was the first weekend of March Madness everything was busy. We went to two shows while we were there, the first was a hypnotist who was hysterical and then on Saturday night we went to O

which was good, but not spectacular. Ryan and I both liked Ka better.

I also saw these two guys while we were there- too bad I’m a big chicken and didn’t ask them for a picture. But still exciting- Bobby Flay especially Smile

The weather on Friday was beautiful so we walked over to the Mirage and saw the Tigers and Dolphins…


The rest of our time was spent eating (we had GREAT food while we were down there- anyone surprised that the food was my favorite part?) walking, walking, walking, and spending some much needed time together.

When we got to the airport on Sunday we were both so tired and our feet were so sore that we could barely walk!


It was a much needed break, can’t wait to go back!

Monday, March 14, 2011

We Did It!!!



We did it, we did it, we did it, yea, lo isimos. We did it. We ran the 5K and we didn’t die, yea, we did it. We did it, we did it hooray.

… okay… too much D D D Dora over here…

But we really did it!!! Yay us. Bobbie and I ran in the St Paddy’s day 5k, our first one. Our goal was to run the entire thing without stopping, and we did. Our official time was 34 minutes 47 seconds, nothing spectacular but still a huge accomplishment for me (Besides, this is not a body made for speed) !


I am surprised to say that I actually had fun, there were so many people to watch that I didn’t really notice all the running (until the next day- THEN I noticed it!). It was so fun getting to spend time with Bobbie, and Julie Hart and Molly Kunkel were also there (they’re amazing- I think Julie’s already done a million of these)

Anyway- It was fun- and I feel pretty damn proud of myself.

Who knows?  Maybe we’ll do another one…

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Colton’s First Birthday!

Well, finally happened, my little man turned 1! We were set to have his birthday party February 26th, on his birthday but I came down with a nasty stomach bug and we had to cancel. So lucky for us our friends and family agree to a do-over party March 6th. It was pretty fun- though I think Laney liked it more that Colt!


His airplane from the Perkins- this is how our kids spent the morning- running like crazy. I love watching them play together. And Miss Delaney in her party dress and hat!


Laney and Gracee, and then Colton with the rag quilt I made him.


Cake time!! He loved the cupcake and got into smearing it every where and when my mom tried to pick some of it up off the floor he smeared it in her hair! Thoughtful little guys isn’t he?

I took him to his well-baby appointment and here are his stats:

Weight- 21 lbs (20%)

Height- 31 inches (75%)

And a little about him right now-

*He loves his sister, and take every opportunity to get into her things!

* He climbs on everything, stools, the couch, ladders, whatever he can find.

* He says, Mama, dada, dog and hi.

* He is a very picky eater and I am struggling to get him to eat his fresh fruit and veggies (just like his dad!)

* He’s a pretty good sleeper compared to Delaney but he still really likes to snuggle with his mom when he can.

* He’s generally pretty easy going, and as long as I can keep him entertained and busy he’s good to go.

such a sweetie- I think we’ll keep him!