Sunday, September 27, 2009

Livin in Elmo's world

Yep... you guessed it- Laney LOVES Elmo. We have to watch him many, many times a day- and she is obsessed with anything and everything Elmo. Dolls, pictures, stickers- you name it. She can even sing his theme song- it's pretty cute when she does it- but when you've already heard Elmo sing it 10 times it is VERY irritating.

I'm blaming Emersyn for starting this obsession- until "Emma" introduced her to the world of little red monsters Laney didn't care much for any one character.... Thanks Perkins! (I'd be more annoyed, but I think Jess is the only person alive who has to watch more Elmo than I do- so I forgive you guys!)

Maybe its a phase....and it'll pass.... could be worse.... could be Strawberry Shortcake ! :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Picture Time

Today I finally got around to getting Delaney's 2 year old pictures- we went with Jessica and Emersyn and after Laney watched Em take pictures she was brave and sat on the stool all by herself ! I can't believe how old she looks in these pictures- not a baby anymore!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

3 Goals...

Okay- before the new baby comes I NEED to

* Take away the bink

*Get Laney to sleep in her own bed for the ENTIRE night.

* Potty train her (hopefully!)

Any suggestions? Advice? Desire to come spend a week at my house and do it for me? Wish me luck.... any advice would be welcome.

P.S. I know the first two are LONG over due.... DON'T judge me- it's bad mommy karma. Besides, we've already covered the limits of my mothering (see previous post) so play like we're back in high school and talk behind my back... I can't take any outright criticism! :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

150 Words on Motherhood...

Okay- so it seems that most of my posts lately have been pictures so I thought I'd treat you to a few rambling thoughts.... (are you excited or what?)

The other day I was talking to my mom and she was telling me a conversation that she and a friend had been having. Her friend was saying how gracefully her daughter-in-law was taking to being a mother- she was relaxed, easy going, new cute haircut, and was already losing her baby weigh. And I just started to laugh... I know that there are people out there like that... But when I compare my life to theirs all I can do is laugh. There has been NOTHING graceful about my "journey" into motherhood.

As a matter of fact, I think that rather than sliding gracefully into motherhood I have gone kicking and screaming (with a small dose of pouting in the corner). My hair did not get cuter, I did not get skinny, I don't make my own baby food or bake my own bread. When Delaney was a newborn, I didn't smile calmly when she cried or take her to the mall when she was two weeks old. For the first 3 months I broke out into a cold sweat every time she cried, I obsessed about people using hand sanitizer before they touched her. I held her for naps for the first 7 months of her life, for the love of God! (and I wonder why she has sleep problems)

As far as I can tell mothers appear to fall into three categories: 1. The graceful mother- they seem to thrive with motherhood. They always look cute and smile- they are relaxed and seem to function as if they've always had a baby on their hip. They're impossible to hate 2. Me. The anxious, I miss my old job, where the hell are the keys, stop painting on the wall with peanut butter please, where is your father? Kind of mother. and 3. The "happy pills" mother. Ok- you know you've read their blogs or seen them around... they are the ones who are always happy, perfect husband, perfect children (a whole baker's dozen worth) never a stray hair, training for a marathon then baking homemade cinnamon rolls. ( I am convinced that these women are delusional from years of sleep deprivation or are taking something I would like to get me some of).

I felt bad about not being one of those graceful mothers for awhile and then I figured out that I might as well laugh. Thank God for my mother and Fran and Jessica who never once lied and said that motherhood was all shits and giggles. (actually it is a lot about shits and giggles but you get my point). And, it would appear that there is going to be more kicking, screaming and pouting soon to come since we're having another one in March (see how I snuck that in there- just had to see if you were still paying attention). Maybe I'll get a good haircut and lose 20 lbs after this one....

HEY- a girl can hope right?