Friday, July 30, 2010


We've been doing a lot of running around lately- trying to fit everything into summer we can I suppose... so here's a little of what we've been doing...

Last week the kids and I spent a few hours at a friends house making jam. This was my first try making freezer jam, but I had a lot of help so there was no major catasrophe's! Here are the girls helping to mash the raspberries- you can see that Delaney's not sure about this whole "work" thing!

People always tell me what beautiful hair Laney has- but they don't see it like this every morning! I don't think all the sunscreen and chlorine have been doing her hair any favors!

Delaney has been taking swim lessons but it has been a little bit of a struggle, she loves the water but is afraid of the teacher and other people (go figure) so it took us two weeks to get her to hold another person's hand but I think that we finally got it figured out. I signed her up for another session so hopefully this one will be smooth sailing...
Every once in awhile we take a break from all our fun and clean, you can see that I have my own little Cinderella that I put to work around here.... this little lady is all girl. She even cleans in a "princess dress" and crown!

We also spend a day out at a park with Fran and Jake- the kids LOVED it!

Laney got to try out her beloved Dora fishing pole- there weren't really any fish but she had a good time with her daddy anyway!

5 Months

Another month has flown by... my little man is 5 months old... Here's a little of what happened this month.

He discovered his toes, and is fascinated by them. It's amazing to me that with all that chub he can still touch them!

He's pretty smilie, as long as his momma's around...

He got his first taste of cereal...

... and this was his reaction. NOT a fan! Which means he and I still get A LOT of together time, since he also refuses the bottle!

He's getting so big!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Close Call

Guess I can't leave him up here any more....

Look at those rolls!

DON'T look at my messy house in the background... eek!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Have you ever...

* cleaned toliets and then not flushed one (you know, with the blue cleaner) just to prove to your husband that you did accomplish something that day?

* laughed about the new cell phone laws? Most of the time I'm driving while using my go-go gadget arms to give the baby his binkie back, opening a package of fruit snacks with my teeth, and holding a sippy cup between my knees all while listening to the radio and a DVD of Dora. How about driving without small children?

* Seriously considered fitting your 2 1/2 year old with a shock collar so as to prevent her screaming and general bad behavior in public? (No one call CPS- I'm just considering it)

* Forgotten where you put the baby down.....

* Wished that your skinny ass husband would have gotten a few sympathy stretch marks? Just so he had to spend hours figuring out which swimsuit would cover them?

*Watched Glee? NO? Seriously? Go our right now and watch it. When the football players dance to Single Ladies? One of the best TV moments ever-seriously- right up there with the episode about Monica's closet.

* Found yourself singing a Dora song in your head, over and over and over.... Backpack, backpack..... I'm the map I'm the map....

* Started a diet Monday morning..... then eaten 2 brownies Monday after lunch?

....No?.... Just me?.... huh.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What We've Been Doing Lately

A little of this...

And a lot of this....

Some of this...

And occasionally this...

And when we're not in the water...

She's thinking about it.
I think I gave birth to a fish- she'll swim until her lips are blue and she's shivering, and still cry when I make her get out!

4th of July

This year we spent the 4th at the Perkin's house. There was swimming, a bounce house, food and lots of fireworks. The weather was cold but we still had a good time.

Watching fireworks with Dad- she was convinced that the fireworks were going to be loud. She kept saying fireworks, boom boom boom.

Running around with sparklers...

Colton with Aunt Franny

Laney and her "moo, moo" swimming