Saturday, July 14, 2012


That’s right, I said camping. It’s no secret that there is nothing I love more than NOT CAMPING but now that the kids are a little older I could no longer turn a deaf ear to their begging. So after much discussion (and promises of running water and flushing toilets) I agreed to join The Waters for a night camping.

It actually turned out much better than I had expected. The kids were in heaven, our camp spot was right by the playground and they were enthralled with the tent.



Friday was sunny and hot so were were able to spend a lot of time on Fran and Jake’s boat

DSC02640DSC02641DSC02646kids good 1

There was plenty of time to play and run around!


I even agreed to sleep in a tent! Friday night it rained and thundered all night. The storm and the novelty of sleeping in a tent made for a VERY sleepless night! The kids still had energy to play with their cousins bright and early Saturday morning.


Fun times! I *might* even be persuaded to camp again, so long as running water is provided!


My little Laney bug has had a big summer so far! I am constantly reminded that she’s growing up faster than I want.

It started with her first mini-triathlon. She has been talking about running in a “race” for awhile now so when I heard about this in Hermiston I thought it would be perfect. She had to swim across the pool, bike .6 miles and run .4 miles. She had a great time- and we were so proud of her when she finished!



Daddy got to run with her during the bike and run- which she loved- look at her go!

She also got treated to her first mani/pedi with her friend Keilena. This pampering was right up her alley and she’s been asking to go back almost everyday this week!


But the biggest development was the loss of her first tooth! (She seems so young to lose a tooth but the good Doctor assures me that even though it’s early it’s still perfectly ok.) She and I were both traumatized by the experience and the only way I managed to get her calmed down was to call “Dr. Daddy” at work so he could explain it to her. After 30 minutes of hysterics with me, she calmly accepted her Daddy’s explanation, hung up the phone, dried her tears…. and asked me to make her a special pillow for the tooth fairy! Thanks goodness for Daddy's!!!!


The Tooth Fairy came in the night and now she checks everyday for more loose teeth!