Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Any Suggestions???

Okay- so I'm looking for some advice...

Laney has been really struggling since Colton arrived, she doesn't seem mad at him... just me! We've had LOTS of crying... and screaming... oh and did I mention the screaming? It takes nothing to set her off- you pour juice in the green cup not the purple cup- she wanted to open the door "by herself", she wanted to read the book at the table not in her room..... you get the idea. LOTS and LOTS of crying.... and did I mention the S C R E A M I N G ????

I know that she's adjusting, and that it is just part of being two- but I'm wondering if any of you have any suggestions for making it a little more peaceful in our house.

I've always dealt with her tantrums by sending her to her room until she calms down (right now that results in her spending A LOT of quality time in her room, and that seems to stop her tantrums- but doesn't stop her from having another one 5 minutes later.

So, that's my problem- any suggestions on how to make this a little easier on all of us?

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pinwheel blocks 1-4

So awhile ago I started my first quilt along with Jess, Marcie and my mom.... It's taken me awhile to catch up on the blocks since Colton was born but I finally got the first four done... here they are-

And I was also able to finish the quilt I made for Fran's birthday (only a few weeks late)- it's not a great picture but its a scruffily quilt and I think it turned out pretty cute!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy Time

I don't get to brag on my husband nearly as much as he deserves, so I thought I'd take a few minutes to do just that....

Laney's been struggling A LOT since we brought Colton home. This came as no surprise considering she cries when we move a couch. So, a new little brother has made for much screaming and tears from the former baby of the house- which is where Dad comes in. Ryan has spent every available minute taking Delaney to do special things- they have worked out in the yard, he's taken her to the office to "help" him work. They've gone to the park, out to visit cows and picked flowers for me.... it is unbelievably sweet and Laney LOVES it. What a lucky little girl to have such a good Daddy!

Here are some pictures from their latest outing with the dogs at Hat Rock- Laney was in heaven!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Baby Story

For those of you that are interested- here's a little more detailed version of Colton's arrival.... I'll warn you that sleep deprivation and post- traumatic stress may have robbed me of my funny so don't expect too much.

I started the day with a miserable cold and a Dr's appointment. After checking me Dr. Muholland essentially said that the baby was already halfway out so it should be anytime. I'd heard that before so I didn't get my hopes up....

After the appointment, Jess was kind enough to go out to lunch with me and listen to me whine again about being pregnant. AFTER I decided to go to Applebee's she tells me that it is the baby restaurant because both she and Fran delivered after eating there. While we were eating I was just feeling crappy- but that is to be expected when you're head is full of snot and you're walking around with a baby between your knees. After that we went and got out toes done (good timing huh?) Then I went to Target to see if the "cramping" would turn into anything before I drove home. Eventually, I decided this was just more braxton hicks and drove home. I spent about 90 minutes at home before I realised that it was serious and loaded everyone up to go the hospital.

Mom and Dad met us at Kadlec and took Laney home and put her to bed. I was checked in and in a bed by about 8:30 pm. Shortly after I got and epidural and the Dr broke my water... All was going as planned and I was ready for this baby,,,, and then it happened.... I STARTED TO FEEL SOMETHING. A LOT OF SOMETHING..... MUCH OUCHY.

The whole point of the epidural is that you feel NOTHING. We tried everything, more medicine, laying on my side, more medicine, and much panicked prayer (on my part). Finally the nurse informed me that there was nothing more they could do and I was going to just have to work it out, so I did what any sane woman might and began to PANIC. I seemed to have blocked much of the memory so I'll provide you with a few quotes so that you get the picture....

"This is not okay, I am not okay, I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS" (repeat several times in a full panic)
"This really hurts" ( said through tears in a very pathetic voice)
And my personal favorite, uttered during one of the final pushes... said in a vaguely demonic voice...
" M*^#herrrr F*#kerrrr"

and at 11:50 Colton Christopher arrived! And at 11:51 Ryan patched up the claw marks on his hand.

Thankfully I only had to push a few times before he came, but I am still considering permanent sterilization.... good thing he's cute huh?