Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Years

This year was our 3rd year going to Stoneridge for the New Year. We went with Fran and Jake and their kids and spent a few quiet days swimming, sledding and eating! It is always a much needed break for us after the craziness that is Christmas!

This year they had tons of snow so we spent a lot of time sledding.


As always, my kids had no fear! They both took off down the hill without and concern in the world. Laney must’ve climbed that hill a hundred times (Colton usually found someone to do the climbing for him!)


Since sledding and the third trimester probably shouldn’t  mix, I was delegated to photographer this year, which was good since I barely made the hike up the hill Smile


The New Adventures of Twinkle

This December was full of new adventures with our Elf,  Twinkle.

Here’s the Photo Rundown-



We sure miss that little guy when he goes back to the North Pole.

… see you next year Twinkle!

Family Pictures and Christmas letter 2012

Dear Friends and Family,

Another year, and yet another letter! At 8 months pregnant, with two little ones clamoring for their turn on the computer, I’m hoping you will all forgive the excessive use of commas and lack of wit and be glad I managed to get another letter out! Here’s our year in a nutshell-

· Delaney turned 5 in August, and her dad and I are still adjusting to having a “big girl” in the house! With a summer birthday and a shy streak a mile long we decided that another year of preschool was in order, but she is now anxiously counting down the days until Kindergarten. She started taking Ballet this summer and loves every girlie moment of it. There is not enough pink and sparkle in the world for this little lady, who would wear a princess dress and tiara every day. She still loves playing with her babies, and has spent every day this past year begging for a cat despite my severe allergy (she says I can move to a different house and Daddy will just order pizza when they get hungry).

· Colton, who will be 3 at the end of February, still drags his blankies (and most recently a nerf football) everywhere. He never misses an opportunity to play football, and on the weekends I can always find he and his daddy downstairs watching the “Go Cougs” and playing football. He does his level best every day to keep up with his big sister and is a very good sport about being the “husband” when they play house. Of course, he also spends a fair amount of time rearranging her room and swiping her toys. He still has a terrible sweet tooth and the inclination to turn everyday items into weapons or bats.

· This spring we found out baby #3 was on her way, and I proceeded to spend the next three months hugging the toilet and eating saltines. This baby very nearly killed me in those early days, so we have already had some serious chats about how to treat Mommy. Baby girl is due to arrive February 15th, and Delaney is thrilled. Colton, on the other hand, refuses to acknowledge the possibility of another baby in the house. Before the baby plague hit, I squeezed in another 5k, celebrated my 30th birthday, and revisited the Harry Potter series (yes, again).

· Ryan has had another busy year at the practice, and after finally hiring an office manager, we get to see a lot more of him at home! In March, he woke me up in the middle of the night to announce that he had appendicitis. Rather than going to the ER (like his wife recommended) he opted to go to work the next day. It took 4 hours and one threatening phone call (mine) to get him to the doctor on his lunch break, and that evening he was down an appendix. Never one to let a little surgery keep him down- 48 hours (and a few painkillers) later we were off to Sonoma to celebrate turning 30!

· In September, we braved another plane ride with our kids for my brother’s wedding in California. Colt and Laney were the ring bearer and flower girl, Ryan was a groomsmen, and I was the sweaty, pregnant lady following them all around trying to keep coats on, ties straight, and hair bows in! It was a beautiful wedding, and we couldn’t be more excited to have Jessica in the family.

As always, we hope this letter finds you and yours happy, healthy and full of the joy of Christmas. I count my blessings each night as I tuck my little ones into bed, and we are looking forward to another year full of skinned knees, bedtime stories, and lost sleep!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

Ryan, Amy, Delaney, Colton and Baby Girl Wieseler



Christmas day

Christmas Morning Laney woke up bright and early to make sure Santa didn’t forget them! Then we ate breakfast and opened some more presents- the older the kids get the more fun Christmas morning is. They were both tearing into their presents and oohing and ahhing over everything.


Colton got this bouncy horse and quickly ran to get the rest of his cowboy gear and saddle up.


After presents we loaded up and headed out to the farm for Christmas with the Habberstads. Jeff and Debbie gave the kids light sabors for Christmas, and about 5 minutes after I finished the “no hitting people or dogs lecture” Jeff got a box and taught Colton how to have a proper light sabor fight. The game quickly escalated into my kids abusing Jeff, but I figured that since he started it he could take it. Colton was in heaven and even Laney got into it after awhile.


The morning of the 26th we woke up to snow! So the kids talked some of the adults into going outside and building a snowman and sledding. It was our first real snow of the year- so they made the most of it and wore their Daddy and Grandpa out pushing the sleds.