Friday, April 29, 2011

My Little Monkey Child

The other night I sent the kids outside with Ryan while I cleaned up dinner. A few minutes later he calls me on the house phone and tells me to come look outside. This is what I found- my son- climbing to the TOP of the swing set by himself.


DSCN1863 - Copy




Once he gets there- he does a little happy dance, funning back and forth laughing and giving me a heart attack!


Then it’s down the slide, with sister if she’s there, or feet first on his tummy if she’s not.

Needless to say I will have to keep a close eye on this little guy if we have any chance of making it to his next birthday without a broken bone.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Laney’s Slumber Party

The Laney Bug had her first slumber party last night with her cousin Gracee-  and I found out how busy two little 3 year olds can be! 

DSCN1843 - Copy

We played LOTS of Hungry Hippos- LOTS- I think I’m going to hide it for a few days Smile

DSCN1848 - Copy

They helped me make noodles for soup- check out my kid- too busy eating to smile!

DSCN1855 - Copy

read books


looked for rollie pollies (they never found any)




And playing outside.

Overall I think it was a success- even though we’re all exhausted! Laney had a bit of  a meltdown at one point and I asked her what was wrong “I just want to be alone, mom!” I guess all that sharing is hard work! Gracee was such a sweetie- no arguments or tears (wish I could say that about my own daughter) and I LOVED watching those two play together. I hope Grace still wants to come back!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

We had another busy Easter at the Wieselers- it seems like Delaney’s finally at the age where every holiday is more fun than the one before. I love how excited she gets about the Easter Bunny and playing with her cousins!

Saturday we had the Wieseler’s over to our house to decorate eggs and hunt- I am so grateful the my kids have their cousins so close both in location and age- it makes things so much more fun!


Decorating eggs




Hunting eggs- and Delaney holding her newest cousin Kayl.


Then on Sunday we headed out to the farm to celebrate with my side of the family.


This year I was able to find Laney and her bitty baby matching dresses (delaney was thrilled- not sure how baby felt about it). so here she is feeding her bitty baby before we left, so sweet!



These are the best pictures I could get of my kiddos before we left- they didn’t really want to humor me and pose for pictures. Colton has decided that he LOVES anything silky and now carries a snuggly everywhere- it’s pretty cute!


And then we hunted for MORE candy and eggs at my mom and dads- without my knowing Laney must have packed these slippers to take to Grammies and before I knew it she had taken off her cute sandals and replaced them with her comfy slippers!

Spring odds and ends

Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to lately…



Thursday is our library day and the kids and I meet Jess, Emersyn and Ethan for story time at the Kennewick library. They do a great job of keeping the kids entertained- it’s definitely worth going!




Despite the crummy weather we’ve gotten outside as much as possible- the kids love it- and I love having them entertained so easily!


My mom made Laney this skirt- isn’t it adorable?


Fran had a little boy Kayl and the kids and I got to meet him- he’s so small and sweet!


This is the look I usually get from Laney when I’m trying to take her picture- it made me laugh!


and when we’re not outside, this is what Laney bugs doing- playing ponies!

Nothing too exciting but we still manage to stay busy!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back in the Day…

Delaney has discovered and fallen in love with My Little Pony, the new version. My aunt Pat gave her several on the ponies and they go everywhere with us.

I couldn’t be happier because My Little Pony was one of my favorites too when I was a little girl, so when we were out at my parent’s this last weekend I dug out some my old ponies-

Remember these?? So Laney was able to add quite a few ponies to her stable- the first thing she did when we got home was run to her room and shut the door (to keep her pesky brother away) and play with her new little friends. So cute!

I also found these- Serendipity book (thank goodness my mom saved a few of them). I looked online and they’re worth a pretty penny now, but they’re gonna stay right here so I can read them to my kiddos!