Thursday, July 11, 2013



I’ve been neglecting this poor blog for a few months now… and in a effort to catch up here’s a little about our summer so far.

Brenna’s been growing like crazy! She rolls over,giggles, and has even been trying to scoot across the floor to get a toy.


Laney lost a front tooth


…we’ve picnicked


…and snuggled


… enjoyed the sun


… and lit luminaries at Relay for Life


…slept (a little)


…popped popcorn for movie night


… and taught the baby circus tricks


… welcomed Andrew and Jessica home


… and done A LOT of swimming


… we traveled to Montana to visit our friends the Coonens and hang out on their boat.



… I loved every minute of watching these three together



… and enjoyed our blessings!



At the beginning of June Ryan found a fishing hole and started catching some Bass. So, the kids and I joined for a few trips, it was a bit of an adventure getting there, but the kids were troopers.



Once we got there, it was great fun! The kids FINALLY caught some fish, and loved exploring the “jungle”.


Even Brenna got into fishing!




Laney’s Triathlon

Delaney did the Hermiston Kids Triathlon again this year, and did great!


Delaney and some of her preschool friends waiting for the triathlon to start. I love the little boys in the back, they REALLY wanted in on the fun. Colton pouted the entire time!



at the finish line! She didn’t enjoy the running portion this year, so next year we might have to do a couple practice runs!

Meet the Chickens

We are still in the chicken farming business around here. The girls haven’t seen fit to lay an egg yet, but since Laney and I love them I’ve decided to ignore the free loading. We have 6 and Delaney has named them all ( Blondie, Stripe, Sun, Fuzz, Momma, and Blacker) she can tell them all apart and if quick to correct anyone who gets their names wrong!

Blondie- is my special needs chicken. Swede go a hold of her one day and she is now missing a wing. I still can’t believe that this chicken survived- she was missing all her feathers, had a broken wing and one gone completely. Somehow she pulled thru and seems just fine. Because of her “handicap” I have to put her to bed each night. Generally, she waits for me, but if I wait too long she’ll find a place to roost. Sometimes it’s in the kids fairy garden, sometimes she makes me get the flashlight out and search.





The red chicken below, Stripe, is probably my favorite. Anytime I’m outside she’s right on my heels hoping for a handout. She is the first one to the scraps in the evening and will even jump for watermelon.


… unfortunately, she is also the first one thru the door into the house. More than once I’ve had to chase her out of the basement after the kids left to door open.


The best part of these hens is definitely watching Delaney with them. She and I have definitely bonded over these birds- I love watching her out there talking to them! And I love sitting on the grass after dinner chatting with her while we feed them scraps. Silly, I know, but definitely moments I treasure with my big, little girl.




While we were out at April’s for Brenna’s three month pictures she also snapped a few of the other hooligans- Are these kids cute or what?!




Dance Recitals and Preschool Graduation

The month of May was a big one for my Laney Bug. It started with her first big dance recital. She’d been working hard all year and did a great job!

Ryan and I had already planned to go to Arizona so we had to miss the actual recital, but Grammie informs me that Delaney was the star of the show!


All dressed up and with her flowers from Mom and Dad.

Here’s a video of a little practice performance they did- is there anything cuter than little girls in tutu’s?!

The week after her recital was preschool graduation (round 2 for those keeping track). Just like at the Christmas program, Delaney’s voice was definitely heard. At one point she even sang the wrong words but she was so loud that her classmates ignored the teachers and went with her version. She definitely goes her own way.


Next year it’s off to Kindergarten… she’s ready. I’m not sure I am!