Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It’s hard being a big sister

photo 4

This is how Delaney’s been most of the time with Brenna. She loves her to death, and can’t get enough of holding and kissing her.

However, life with my Laney Bug is never without a little drama….



This picture was taken after I made the mistake of calling Baby Brenna “cute”. The second the word was out of my mouth Delaney burst into tears…

“Mom! You used to call me cute”

“Laney you are still cute, you and Brenna can both be cute.”

“No we can’t. Now Brenna’s cute and you don’t think I’m cute anymore”

No amount of explanation could convince her that she was also cute. We’ve moved on to fabulous, which seems to have solved the problem! For now…. Smile



On valentines day I answered the door and discovered these beauties!

My sweet husband sent me three dozen roses (one for each of our kids).

Amazing! I’ve been loving them ever since!

Brenna’s first week home

Here’s a photo recap of Brenna’s first week at home…

Her first bath…


She wasn’t a fan. The other two kiddos were fascinated, and insisted on equal camera time!


Brenna was one week old on Valentines day, so we tried for a picture with all the kids…. not very successfully!



Colton, Laney and Grammie made and decorated cupcakes (actually I think Colton just ate the frosting)


Miss Brenna at 1 week

photo 5


Then, of course, there was a lot of sleeping (for Brenna, not so much for this tired mommy!)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Father Daughter Ball

Two days after we got home from the hospital with Brenna, Delaney and her Daddy went to the Father Daughter Ball. They went with Kellan and Rhilynn again and had a wonderful time!

Delaney had been so excited to go to the ball again this year- it is such a sweet chance for her and her daddy to spend time together! Ryan said they danced a ton and then took the girls to pizza. Laney had the time of her life and is already talking about next year’s dance!


Dad and both of his pretty ladies- how cute!

Brenna’s Baby Story

Brenna’s arrival was, by far, the easiest of all my kiddos.  As with Colton, the doctors had all lectured me on getting to the hospital in time, since she was low and I was already dilated and effaced. 

By the start of 38 weeks, I was REALLY tired of being pregnant, and since this baby had already cooked longer than both her siblings I figured it was time for her to vacate the premises. Wednesday, after I put the kids down for a nap, I started having some contractions, and by 5 I called Ryan and told him to head home from work.

We got to Kadlec and sent the kids off with my mom. The nurse who checked us  in wasn’t sure I was in real labor and told me to walk around for and hour and then the doctor would recheck me. The minute she left the room, I started to cry (panicking my husband). This is the moment I hate! Everyone’s geared up to have a baby, the kids are taken care of and people have literally driven hours to help us get everyone settled… and then a nurse tells me my body might be faking it! Unacceptable.

*sidenote- this is why I think babies and pregnancy’s should come with some sort of external gauges… a red button that pops up (like on a turkey) when labor begins. A fuel gauge to let you know the baby’s had enough to eat… etc. There is entirely too much ambiguity in pregnancy for my taste.

After an hour of walking there was no denying that this was labor, so they transferred me to a room, while I reminded everyone within earshot that I wanted an epidural. Just when the contractions had crossed over from the “mildly annoying” to the “where the hell are the pain killers” stage, the nice man with the epidural cart came in! I love that guy! 5 minutes later I was feeling no pain- Thank you Lord Jesus!

Then they broke my water and waited. Brenna, like Colton, didn’t take long once things were under way. I went from a 7 to a 10 in record time, and after about 5 pushes, Ryan announced that I wouldn’t be getting a red head this time either. She arrived screaming and with a head full of dark hair.

Definitely a perfect little miracle!

Brenna Beth Wieseler

photo 2

She’s here!

Brenna Beth Wieseler arrived Wednesday, February 7th at 2:24 am.


She weighed 6lbs 7 ounces and was 19 inches long.


We’re all pretty excited!

brenna family good

The story is far less dramatic than it was with Colton, but that’s for another time… for now here are some pictures- enjoy!




Laney holding Brenna for the first time.


Colton, couldn’t have been less interested in his new little sister, all he wanted was to play games on Ryan’s Ipad and get fries for lunch!


See? He was very unimpressed!


My Girls!


Gigi and Auntie Bobbie with baby Brenna


And my sweet baby sleeping- I think this is why my kids are terrible sleepers, they are just so irresistible when they are sleeping, I can’t help but snuggle and love on them!

5 Year old Well- Child

photo 6

This little lady finally went in for her 5 year old check up. I put it off a little since she wasn’t going to kindergarten last year, but finally had to bite the bullet and take her in last week.

Her shots went just the way I thought they would… lots of screaming, crying and renting of clothing. Funny, once the token for ice cream came out the screaming stopped instantaneously!

She was in the 95% for height and 90% for weight and the doctor estimated that she’d probably be 5’6 or 5’7 when she gets older. (I hope so! That’s a lot better than my barely there 5’4).

She’s come so far in the last year- the doctor even commented that she spoke more to him at this appointment than she has in the last 5 years he’s known her. I still can’t quite believe that my little Lady Bug  is almost ready for kindergarten!

Potty Trained!


A few weeks before the baby arrived, this little man decided that he wanted to wear big boy underwear.  I was less than enthusiastic about it, thinking he’d just revert when the baby arrived but we went for it anyway.

He’s still not perfect, but we’re changing  a lot fewer diapers around here! Besides, who can resist such a cute underwear bandit!?


photo 3