Friday, May 30, 2008


Ryan and his team won their 3rd or 4th- he can't remember- Intramural Ultimate Frisbee Championship last night. He said it was a hard fought game but came home injury free. I know he is going to miss these games when school's over but he still has Saturday's golf tournament to look forward to... so many games, so little time.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Odds and Ends...

* Ryan only has 8 days of school left!!! Zippity-Do- Da!

* Delaney is now cruising around on all the furniture, she can move very quickly- especially when there is something to spill.

* I can't drive Delaney's stroller. At first I thought I just needed a little more practice, but as it turns out I'm just stroller impaired. Seriously, I run it into everything, doors, clothing racks, small children, you name it. My poor kid practically has whiplash at the end of a shopping trip. Turns out that in my parenting ignorance I picked out the biggest stroller known to man so it won't fit anywhere! Umbrella stroller anyone? On the bright side I just got a jogging stroller on craigslist and I can drive that one (only at walking speeds however).

* Did I just write that much about strollers...? Yikes- the words "get a life" are now flashing through my head.

* Ryan graduates in 11 days... Zippity-A!!

*Our upstairs neighbors moved out this weekend... My Oh My What a Wonderful Day... that's right, crazy UHAUL lady is gone, if you haven't heard that story I can't tell it without cursing (still) so you'll just have to imagine a situation involving a very pregnant woman, early in the morning- before her caffeine, a UHAUL trailer and a stupid ^$%^&** woman almost getting thrown down the stairs by aforementioned pregnant woman. So glad to have those neighbors gone!!! :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

Some Progress

I am happy to report that my picky eater has FINALLY started eating more solid foods. Yesterday, I convinced her to try some puffs, and miracle of miracles, she ate it! Then she proceeded to feed herself for a few minutes. And just to prove that yesterday wasn't a fluke- this morning she ate some of my muffin- next we're on to the exciting world of Cheerios!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Delaney's 9 month pictures

Here are some of Delaney's 9 month pictures... ( Fran- I want you to notice that my hands aren't in any of these!!)

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day

Yesterday was my first mothers day! I had a great day- Ryan bought me some beautiful flowers and then watched the Laney bug while I got my hair cut and did some shopping. We even ordered Red Robin for dinner so I didn't have to cook- all in all it was a great day! (although I should mention that Laney took the mothers "day" thing literally and proceeded to sleep a grand total of about 4 hours last night just to show me who's boss)

New Toys

There was a sale on walkers at Babies R Us the other day so I went and picked up this lion. It's pretty funny- it growls and makes noise when you move it, which usually startles Laney so she stops moving and sits down! So far she is just using it to stand, but there has been a few times that she's actually taken a step or two with it!While we were at Babies R Us looking at the above lion Laney spotted this doll. Now, I'm not a doll/ barbie fan so I haven't gotten any for her. But she saw this dolly and just about jumped out of the stroller trying to get to it. She was so enamored with it that she just about had it ripped out of the packaging before I could buy it and started screaming when I had to give it to the checker to ring up. Looks like I'm gonna be stuck playing dolls- yuck! But she loves it- she talks to it and even gives it kisses!


Yep- not only is there such a thing but we actually went to it (go ahead- start mocking us- we can take it). Ryan found out about this illustrious event through some people at school who take their pugs every year, so we decided that we'd make some time in our busy social life to take Angus out for a day to show him that he's actually a dog. You would not believe how many people brought their pugs to this thing- and they all dressed them up- its hysterical (no we did not dress Angus up- this time!). There are vender's and people with their dogs in strollers and backpacks, unbelievable! Delaney loved it- some of the dogs were come up to her stroller and she'd try to climb out to visit them, it was a pretty surreal experience.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hermiston Here We Come !!!!

As some of you may know Ryan is going to graduate from Dental School on June 7th !! (Not that I'm excited or anything! ). In the last few months he has been looking at buying a practice in Hermiston, but have been waiting to hear about financing. Needless to say I've been getting a bit anxious waiting to make plans, but this weekend we found a bank that will finance the practice ! So unless something major changes it looks like we're going to be getting new drivers licenses in a few weeks! We're both really excited to be closer to our friends and family and raise our kids in a small town. Normally I hate all the sentimental crap, but I do want to say how proud I am of my husband for working so hard these last few years to finish school and find us a place to live that meets all of my numerous requirements!

Busy Weekend

Here are some pictures of our busy weekend trip to Connell.

Here's Delaney with her Grandpa Reid in the wheat field- you can see from the look on her face that she's not quite sure what to think of all that tall green stuff

Here's Delaney and her cousin Gracelyn playing in the sun at Great Grandma Rill's birthday party. These two are so funny together- half the time they ignore each other and the other half of the time they are mauling each other.

And here's Delaney taking a turn driving on our way back to Seattle. A big thanks to Nina for making the dress Laney's wearing in these pictures- she made it- isn't it cute?!

We also got to meet Todd and Jessica's new addition Emersyn- who's adorable! It was a great weekend and it's getting harder and harder to leave and come back, I'm counting the days until we can drive over the pass for the last time!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our little Cowgirl

My Mom and Dad bought Delaney this rocking horse, and she loves it. Mom was babysitting her and Drew got this video of Laney playing cowgirl. She knows that you have to press the ears to make the horse make noise so she's constantly pulling on them, and if you watch closely you'll see a little bit of horse abuse!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cute legs and a Toothbrush

Here's a picture of Delaney this morning, she's wearing a pair of leg warmers that my cousin Debbie got her for Christmas, they're so cute on her chubby little legs, it always makes me laugh when she wears them!
And here she is showing off her new skills- standing! Last night (during one of her many wakings) I found her standing up in her crib with her eyes barely open resting her head on the rail, she was exhausted but apparently had to prove that she could stand even in her sleep!

And here she is with her first toothbrush, a big step for a dentist's daughter! She has 5 teeth now and is working on atleast 2 more.

Today when Ryan gets out of school we're heading back to Connell to see Emersyn (Jessica and Todd's new addition). On the way back to Seattle Laney screamed the entire time so wish us luck that maybe she'll sleep this trip!