Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Time with The Grandparents

We've been lucky lately to get to see our parents a lot- especially considering that its harvest time- Laney loves being spoiled and takes advatage of all the extra attention. Last weekend Mike and Trina came down and Trina made her homemade pizza for us- It is REALLY good. Delaney felt strongly that she needed to help her Nina bake so here she is giving them a hand.

After dinner we had a circus show- Mike would lift her up in the chair and then she'd jump to her daddy, nothing scares this girl, it's unbelievable!

Then- yesterday Laney and I went out to the farm to check on harvest. Laney got to ride in the combine with her grandpa and was mesmorized by the reel and the wheat- it was pretty cute!
And then she talked her Uncle Drew into some story time before we had to leave- lots of fun!

Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July and more House Pictures

Here are some updated pictures of the kitchen- the backsplash is now up and waiting for grout and we're still waiting on the counter piece for the island, but it's finally looking like the end is in sight. I'm hoping that by Monday I have running water in the sink and an oven again. We moved in last Friday so it's been a lot of McDonalds while we wait to have a working kitchen.

Here's a closer picture of the back splash...

The 4th we spent at the Perkins house and it was a nice break from all the construction at our house. Laney made it till the fireworks but she was pretty tired and didn't seem too interested.

Auntie Franny let her have her first sparkler- and she was fascinated!

And, Joy of joys- there was a bouncy house that Jenny brought for the kids to play with- Laney and Em thought it was pretty fun.

This is from moving day- she found a pair of "eyes" (glasses) ann was wearing them around all morning.