Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun in the sun

Monday it was 90 degrees and Jessica and Emersyn came to visit us so we broke out the water toys and played. The girls loved it!

And then Laney crashed... hope there's more good weather to come!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Few Things I've Learned this week...

So most of you know I had my gallbladder removed Monday and have been recovering this week- here are some of my observations.

* "day surgery" is a misleading term. It does not mean that you will feel better in a day. It just means you won't bleed to death on your couch at home.

* Pillows can aide in the walking process. I'm just barely walking without a pillow clutched to my tummy (I still have that thing attached whenever Laney's around- her feet are unpredictable)

* Vicodin + Ebay= random fabric showing up at my house. (hmm... wonder when that happened- but it seems I have good taste while high)

* My stomach can get uglier. ( Bikinis are now SERIOUSLY out of the question)

* A nice nurse is a must- mine was great!

* If you suffer from seasonal allergies that make your eye bloodshot- EVERY person in the operating room will ask if you have been smoking. ("no I'm waiting to get high on the good stuff- get to it people!)

* HGTV- all day? Not as bad as one might think.

* My low fat diet includes ice cream from the schwan's man.

* Being close to friends and family is a blessing- this wouldn't have been possible when we lived in Seattle.

* Just because you can walk to the bathroom without help does not mean you can walk a block without help. ( I seriously almost died- TERRIBLE idea)

* I have some really wonderful friends and family- so here's a few shout outs- My mom and dad kept Delaney for four days- and loved her to death. Words can't express how grateful I am to have parents who are willing to love my child in my absence- what a relief to have not a moment of worry about her. (She did come back a little spoiled). Fran and Jake who are watching Laney today- LOVE YOU GUYS! How lucky we are to have you guys to rely on- please let us return the favor soon! Jess- who's called and texted me- and for coming down monday to help- since I still can't lift over 10 lbs. Seriously? How lucky am I? I was feeling guilty for inconveniencing everyone I know and my dad said that this is just what families do. But I think its what amazing families do- I am grateful!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Andrew's graduation and a quick update...

This weekend my brother Andrew graduated from WSU. This is a picture of him with his girlfriend Jessica. We watched graduation on Saturday then got to celebrate with a party on mother's day. I'm pretty proud of him!

Delaney didn't make it through the entire ceremony so we left early and took her to McDonalds where she got a chocolate milkshake. WHICH SHE LOVED! She had a death grip on that cup till it was completely empty.

And this is the quilt I made for my mom for mother's day- she's made me so many beautiful quilts that I was pretty excited to return the favor- I love how it turned out!

And that's about all I can do for now- I'm still recovering from gallbladder surgery monday. Laney comes back tomorrow but I can't life anything for another week- so it should be interesting. I'm hoping that she's up for watching A LOT of cartoons! Wish me luck!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Thursdays have always been good to me... In high school and college Thursdays meant a new friends episode (I still miss Ross and Rachael- hoping for a reunion). Now there's Greys Anatomy and The Office. Its the end of Ryan's work week, and always feels like the last formal day of the week. Another reason to love Thursdays- walking and eating with my friends... here's what Thursday looked like this week....

Walking, using Emersyn's new wagon. The girls loved being able to see each other and play and snack at their leisure.

Then we went here- gotta love breakfast for dinner!

And I got me some of this... YUMMY!!

Happy Thursday!

Spring planting...

Last weekend we went down to the practice to plant flowers in the beds that are down there... Laney enjoyed the dirt- as you can see!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How to spend an hour at Walmart...

( 9 a.m.- 3:13 p.m.: dread going to Walmart, spend time fantasizing that Target will magically appear on main street)

3:15 pm : Arrive at Walmart- drive around looking for a parking space without a cart in it.

3:18 pm: Give up, pull in as far as I can- get out, move cart (seriously people? take the cart back!) get back in and park.

3:20: Walk into Walmart and break out in hives.

3:20- 3:22: do a complete wipedown of the cart with handi-wipes. Still feels dirty...

3:22- 3: 40: Carefully navigate the aisles and construction (they're remodeling- apparently the Hermiston Walmart wasn't a complete cluster F@#$ so they're finishing the job) successfully find the potting soil, child safety locks and allergy medicine on my list (and a Dvd, not on the list)

3:40- looking for bread...

3:41- looking for bread...

3:48- still looking for bread...

3:51- Where the HELL is the bread???

3:52- The Wieseler family begins the low carb diet.

3:53- find the shortest line and begin start the timer on my cell phone (ryan thinks I exaggerate how miserable Walmart is (who me??) so I have started timing how long I stand in line so I can prove to him over dinner (wish you could be there for that conversation don't you?) that I actually aged a year standing in line)

3:55- "no Delaney, you can't eat that candy"

4:01- seriously considering buying the persons crap just to hurry this line up (There should be a seperate line for people who don't know how to use the key pad at the register)

4:15- Score- only three more people to go.

4:18- SERIOUSLY???

4:19- ARRRGGGG!!!!!!

4:21- headed to the parking lot.

4:25- The Walmart cart fairy has left me another cart behind my car- so I get to return them both.

4:28- Thinking about opening a bottle of wine and/or calling Targets headquarters and begging them to come to Hermiston.

Friday, May 1, 2009

What we've been up to...

Just a few things that we've been doing lately...

* House hunting, our lease is up at the end of May so we've been checking out houses here, it's been fun but exhausting.

* Laney started a dance class today...

Notice how involved she is? She's not even on the stage with the other kids. I think we're going to go back to our old playground for another month or so until she's ready, 45 minutes of toe tapping was a little much!

* After dance we met Ryan at the park and ate lunch and played until nap time

*We've also been trying to play outside as much as possible- I let Delaney play outside while I was fixing dinner tonight and this is how I found her...

* In some other news, I recently found out that I'm going to have to have my gallbladder taken out. I've had problems with gallstones ever since Delaney was born (apparently it's common for women to get them after childbirth) and they've never gone away. So, on May 11th I have to go in for surgery (YIKES!!!) to have it taken out. I'm pretty nervous... Laney's going to stay with my parents for a few days and then I hope I'll be back on my feet. Wish me luck! :)