Friday, December 28, 2012

Delaney’s Christmas Program


This year at Delaney’s Preschool Christmas Program she was definitely the star! She was easily the loudest kid there- and she knew every word! I couldn’t have been more surprised – or proud. It was adorable!


Christmas- Round 1

We celebrated Christmas a little early with my Mom and Dad, and the kids made out like bandits!

Delaney, carefully colored and wrapped pictures for her Grammie and Grandpa, and it was so cute watching her hand them out! Colton got a scooter from Uncle Andrew and Aunt Jessica- and skipped the rest of the unwrapping checking out his new wheels.

DSC03333 - CopyDSC03334 - Copy

Baby Alive and the Coug helmet and football were the real highlights, and we haven’t been anywhere without them since. Colt even wore his helmet in the grocery store!

DSC03352DSC03351 - CopyDSC03338 - Copy


We got an early visit from Santa this year! He stopped by Fran and Jakes one evening that we happened to be there and brought the kids an early present and took wish lists.

This was my kids first experience with Santa up close, and it was certainly interesting! I thought Delaney might finally be ready- but clearly I miscalculated. This was as close as she would go! Colton felt the same way and couldn’t get far enough away from the big guy. Oh well, every kid needs a crying picture with Santa right?!


Gingerbread House Party 2012

Our Annual Gingerbread House Party was a success this year! The sweaters were ugly and most of the houses stayed standing until the end of the night. It’s definitely a fun way to kick off the Christmas season and, as always, I love filling our house up with friends!


This year- Candace really went all out- making this ugly sweater cake- FROM SCRATCH !! You can’t tell from this picture but she even put a little tag at the top with Wieseler on it!


The good Dr and I with our ugly sweaters- I even found one to button over my big belly!


As always, the Wieseler men took their gingerbread house decorating very seriously!


Krae and Fran working hard, and baby Brock taking a little snooze.


The little girlies even got into the decorating.


Chloe, taste testing her daddy’s house when he wasn’t looking!


And taking home both trophies this year- The Wegners! (AKA cousin Eddie and his lovely wife) They definitely put us all to shame with their outfits and homemade gingerbread house- the rest of us better step it up next year!



Monday, December 17, 2012

WSU Football

We went to Pullman for our last home game (we skipped the apple cup this year….arggg!) with our good friends the Nelsons. They recently moved to Colfax and so we felt it our obligation to force them into the Cougs cheering section Smile.

Keilena and Delaney were adorable, even bundled up like snowmen they cheered their little hearts out!

We happened to walk by some of the real WSU cheerleaders and snapped a picture of our little cheerleaders.


It was freezing but the kids were good sports, and still had a good time. Too bad the Cougs played terrible, again. Oh well, there’s always next year.


Halloween, like most holidays in our house, was a three week celebration starting at the Pumpkin Patch- on a VERY windy day! It was so windy that we skipped the hay ride and ran out to grab pumpkins before we blew away!


Then we headed to a pumpkin carving party at Fran and Jakes.

After that (cause we’re party animals over here) we went to the Perkins annual Halloween party. This year was circus themed and they went all out. The house was entirely decorated and Todd was even making the kids balloon animals!  My kids were in heaven!


This year for Halloween Delaney wanted to be a unicorn and Colton was determined to be Spiderman. I was being cheap and hoping that her unicorn costume would go on sale… but it sold out! (jokes on me I suppose) So, after scouring ebay, I spent a morning on the phone with Pottery Barn trying to track down and costume. In the end it turned out to be worth it because it was cute and she was thrilled, but next year I’ll order early!

On Halloween Ryan came home early and we were off trick or treating. Colton, my little candy monster, asked for more candy at every house!


… and counted his loot the minute we got home!