Thursday, July 28, 2011

Swimming and Farming

Our busy summer has continued. My dad finally was able to start harvest- just in time for Uncle Andrew to come home and help. The kids and I all made a trip to the farm to ride combine and see Drew.


Colton got on the combine and proceeded to take a looong nap. Laney got to drive and unload the combine- which she loved!


Later that week we took a trip out to Bobbies pool. Fran, Jess, Bobbie and I and all our kiddos spend a fun afternoon, swimming and eating pizza. We had so much fun!

The Stalling’s pool had a slide and the girls loved it! They would slide down and swim directly to the side to go again!


Look at these three cuties!


All that playing was too much and despite really wanting to read her new library book, Laney zonked out before we made it 5 minutes down the road.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Great- Grandpa Wieseler

Leonard and Ryan

Ryan’s Grandpa Leonard recently passed away. This picture of he and Ryan cracks me up ! Ryan remembers his grandpa and talks about him picking him up and random times to either get ice cream or pick rocks. He was a hard-working man who came out here from North Dakota very young and built a strong foundation for his family. I still can’t imagine Leonard as a shoe salesman- farming seems like such a better fit! He loved little kids and once while Ryan and Laney were visiting him in the hospital he gave her a stuffed kitten that she still adores (have to say I’m glad he didn’t give her a cigar Smile)


He is missed but I am grateful that my kids had the chance to know their Great Grandpa.

4th of July weekend

We had a very busy 4th of July weekend, beginning with our first every fishing trip. We packed a picnic and went down by McNary to a pond. It wasn’t exactly successful. We didn’t get any bites and Ryan and I both agreed that our children were not good fishing buddies. Delaney cast her pole in and immediately asked “do I have a fish yet?” A phrase that she continued to repeat every 15 seconds that her line was in the water. Colton had a little more fun, but he is generally my easier child. Needless to say fishing only last about 90 minutes before we moved onto lunch! Smile

Guess we’ll have to keep practicing!



Then on Sunday we went out to the farm to visit my parents, who happened to have a new batch of kittens. Delaney, who loves animals, was instantly smitten. She woke up the next morning at 5 minutes till 6, and literally the first words out of her mouth were “mom, can we see the kitty's?”



After one last visit to the kittens we headed off the the Basin City parade with Trina, Fran and Jake, Wes and Bethany and the kiddos.


After spending some time at Nina’s we then went to the Perkin’s for our annual 4th of July party. My kids played and played and played!


After sparklers we all loaded our exhausted selves into the car and drove home just in time to see the last of the Hermiston fireworks.


Then we slept for a week! Smile


As usual we’ve been busy this summer so I have a little bit of blogging to catch up on … Here are just a few random summer pictures so far.


Gracee came over for a few hours and we decided to do some art work. Check out the fancy footwear on those girlies!



We spent a night in Portland with our friends the Coonen’s and while the boys were in class Lindy and I took the girls to the zoo. Laney wasn’t so sure she liked the dinosaurs up close!



More story time at the library.


Laney and I spent a morning making some raspberry freezer jam (I know- how very domestic of me).


But what we’ve really been doing is swimming, and swimming and swimming. Colton, it turns out, is as much of a fish as his sister was. At this rate I pretty sure my kids will have gills by the end of the summer! Smile



… and when mean mommy won’t let them swim, they practice on the back porch. In this picture Delaney was worried about Orca (yep- that’s what she call him) swimming without a life jacket so she gave him Colton’s.




We’ve also managed to sneak in some ice cream cones and a little train time (my much prized yard sale find!)

Happy Summer!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

God and Dinosaurs

Ever had a conversation that got a little out of hand ? Here's my latest with the Laney-Bug.

(a little background info- Laney is really into dinosaurs right now and Ryan's Grandpa Wieseler recently passed away)

This conversation happened on the way to Grandpa Leonard's funeral, after I had explained to Delaney that he lived in heaven now (which apparently she now thinks is a town just outside of Basin City (!)

Delaney: "Mom, where do Dinosaurs live?"

Me: " They lived a long time ago, but now they are extinct, which means there are no dinosaurs alive anymore"

... a moment of pause for her to think...

Delaney: "Are they in heaven?"

... my turn to take a moment to think....

Me: "Sure"

Delaney begins to cry and panic out of nowhere... GAH !!!! What now?

Delaney: "MOOOOMMMMM, the Dinosaurs are going to bite Great Grandpa Wieseler in heaven. Oh nooooooo!"

... well, shit...

Me: " No honey, the dinosaurs won't bite Great Grandpa- God doesn't allow biting."

... more crying...

Me: " Delaney- there is not biting in heaven I promise!"

Delaney: "Why?"

... frantic thinking for an answer...

Delaney: " Mom, does God use magic to stop the dinosaurs from biting Great Grampa?"

Me: "Yes, absolutely God uses magic to keep the dinosaurs from biting."

So, that's how my 3 year old came to believe that God uses magic to prevent Dinosaurs from biting in heaven. Yeah- I think I'll start saving for her therapy now- it seems inevitable.