Monday, March 18, 2013

1 Month old!

This little lady is already 1 month old (actually 5 1/2 weeks today).

Here are a few pictures of her at one month-

brenna goodbrenna 2brenna3

She still an itty bitty little thing- this pink outfit is what I brought to the hospital to bring her home in and it’s still a little big. She still in newborn clothes but her cheeks are starting to chub up a little!

photo 1photo 2

She’s starting to smile- even though they occasionally come out a little goofy

photo 3

the last week has been rough for Miss Brenna- I can’t quite tell if she’s got a little colic or if her tummy just hurts, but there’s been lots of crying. She’s pretty much only happy with me or in the swing. She does love her baths and her big sister Laney.


Speaking of.. this is what happened when the big kids wanted in our our photo shoot- Brenna didn’t like sharing the spotlight!


… And Delaney thought she’d fit perfectly in Bitty baby’s bed… and she did. Thought Brenna might not appreciate this picture later in life, such are the trials of the third child!


Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Chicken Farmin’

Well, it looks like you can take the kids off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the kids…

This year the temptation of all the cute baby chicks finally won out and we brought some home.

The plan is to let the kids “raise” them and send them out to Uncle Wesley’s house when they get older.


The kids love them, and so far they’ve been really fun… we’ll see how I feel in a few weeks!

Brenna Beth

My wonderful and talented friend April did Brenna’s newborn pictures and I’m in love- here’s a whole bunch of them!


Drama Queen


The conversation I just had with my daughter.

Laney: “Mom, can I go out and see the baby chicks?”

Mom: “No, last time you were out there you were picking them up after I asked you not to, so you lost that privilege.”

Laney: “What?! You don’t trust me anymore??

Laney: “What?! Now you don’t love me? You used to love your little girl but now you don’t.”

Laney: “Fine, if you don’t love me and don’t trust me anymore or think that I am cute, then I won’t hold the chicks ever. I’m leaving”

….. runs off in tears….

Mom : Beats her head on the table and prays for patience.


I thought this was how things were supposed to be when she turned 13!?

Colton at 3



A little bit about Colton at 3

* He is generally an easy going, happy kid. He is generally happy going anywhere and doing anything. Colton is definitely the comic relief at our house!

*This happy-go-lucky attitude stops at dinner. He is an incredibly picky eater and has yet to eat a dinner that isn’t spaghetti or pancakes. For the last year I’ve had to constantly remind myself that he won’t starve to death, but honestly, I have no idea how he continues to grow without calories.

* He LOVES candy, sweets and sugar of all kinds.

* He also loves WSU and football. He insists on wearing one of his “go cougs” jerseys everyday, and if there isn’t one clean, I have to wrestle him into a different shirt.

* Colt adores his sister, and is happy to play dolls, house or just follow her around. He’s also pretty fond of driving her crazy and swiping her toys.

* He is all boy! He can turn anything into weapons and has a newfound obsession with guns and monster trucks. And there’s nothing he likes more than loading up his tool box and following his dad out to the shop to do some “fixing”.

* He still likes “nuggles” (snuggles) from his Momma (which I absolutely love). It melts my heart every time he comes up to me with his binky and Blankie asking for nuggles!

*Yes, he still had a Binky


DSC03351 - CopyDSC03734

I honestly don’t know where the time goes! He is so much fun at this age but it seems like just yesterday he was this age-


We LOVE him to death!


Colton’s 3rd Birthday Party !!

I know! I can’t quite believe it either, but last week my little man turned 3.

We went out to ice cream on the actual day of his birthday, and he was in heaven! I think more of that ice cream cone went on his clothes and face than in his tummy, but he loved every bite!


This year Colton decided that he wanted his party at Chuck E Cheese, and since I wasn’t really up to hosting a big party (or exposing Brenna to a bunch of germs) we agreed (not our best idea) . So the night before his party we made cupcakes.


…and the Birthday fairy made an appearance (Colton wanted a Cars themed birthday this year). He was thrilled to wake up in the morning to birthday decorations! As always that was my favorite moment on the day, hearing him say “Wow, this is awesome Mom!”


We let him open his presents from us after breakfast, and the most popular one was from Delaney. She picked out a Ninja Turtle and a van for him, and he was in LOVE!


Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese… on a Saturday. Turns out EVERYONE was at Chuck E Cheese on Saturday. It was crowded, hot and miserable (for the adults at least). NEVER again will I do a kids party at Chuck E Cheese… I can’t believe all our friends did take one look at that place and turn around and run!

Despite the crowd, the kids had a great time!



Colton got to hang out with him friends and cousins.


These little girlies had a blast together


There was much running and jumping and all the parents were frantically counting heads and disinfecting hands!


Colton got to open more presents and eat more cupcakes- so he was thrilled Smile


Happy Birthday Little Man!

Monday, March 4, 2013



Lately, these two have done nothing but play together. They are certainly each other’s best friend and when Delaney’s gone to preschool Colton has no idea what to do with himself. They do, however have their moments- this is my favorite so far!

We were driving back from our first “outing” after Brenna arrived, and it had not gone well for Laney Bug (which means it didn’t go well for the rest of us either). We were getting close to home when she started throwing a big ‘ole fit about taking a nap (Laney’s fits are epic, once she gets going there is no going back). She was screaming and crying, and I was ignoring her. So, was the rest of the car (or so I thought)


“I HATE quiet time, I’m not taking  a nap…… “ (etc. etc.  etc. blah blah… much screaming blah)


(interjected in the 3 seconds while she took a breath to continue the screaming)

“tough beans Na-ney”

Ahh… out of the mouth of babes. Stunned by this wisdom Delaney shut off the sirens, and I laughed so hard I almost crashed the car!