Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Twinkle

Here are the last of Twinkles adventures for this year.

hanging by a thread to leave them a Christmas message.


Mischievous little elf, using flour to make snow angels!


Doing a little farmin…


And leaving them a goodbye note, asking for hugs and kisses on his last day.


So on Christmas eve we took him down for the first time to give him hugs and kisses goodbye, *sniff, sniff*



We sure had fun with him this year, CANNOT wait ‘till we get to get him out again!

Christmas, the Final Chapter

(Christmas around here is kinda a marathon event, can you tell?)

The night before Christmas we put out cookies for Santa and got Twinkle ready to ride home on his sleigh.


Then the kiddos went to bed so Santa could get down to work!



*side note* I went to check on Colt before bed and couldn’t find him, I finally discovered him here, in his rocking chair. He had climbed out of the crib and crashed here, guess it’s time for a toddler bed!


Santa went a little crazy this year…


First thing in the morning we opened stockings!



Then after a big breakfast, we opened a few more presents.


Then took Laney out to try our her new bike (complete with a seat for Bitty Baby)


Then it was out to the Farm for Christmas with the Habberstads.


Then we will pretty much be sleeping for the next month, –phew!

Christmas Round 2

Christmas Eve, the Wieseler came to our house to celebrate. I absolutely love having all the little kids around during the holidays- they are so fun!

Check out these three girlies- look like trouble don’t they!?


Krae, who wins best cousin of the year award, played and played with Colton. Colt absolutely adores Kraeton, and practically jumps into his arms the minute he walks in the door!


Grandpa Myron was able to join us, and so was his brother Lynn. Here are all the Great Grandkids with them- quite a bunch!


We opened presents, and before long all available adult hands were being put to work, opening packaging, installing batteries and putting toys together!

Delaney and Gracelyn got  Easy- Bake ovens from their Nina, and somehow managed to sneak away with some of the mixes-


-and this was the result! The girls, and the play room were coated in muffin mix! They told me they were just cooking, oh geez!


Colton kept us all entertained by strutting around in a pair of Laney’s dress up shoes while driving his new remote control car!


Then it was time for Jammers.


and story time (T’was the Night Before Christmas, of course)


So fun!

Christmas, Round 1

This year our Christmas season began a week early when Andrew and Jessica were home. Mom and Dad and Drew and Jess came over to our house and opened presents and ate and ate and ate some more!

Andrew and Jessica got Delaney this Twilight Sparkle pony that sings and talks and she fell instantly in love. In fact, after she opened it we couldn’t find her because she had snuck off to our room to play!


Colton got this ride on train from Grammie and Grandpa and loaded his blanket up and was gone!


Later, he loaded up his sister and took her and Bitty baby our for a ride!


This might have been my favorite present to give this year- I found my mom a vintage set of The Little House on Prairie books (courtesy of the wonderful Julie Hart). When I was little my mom read every one of these books, and I ADORED them!


The boys got matching guns, ‘cause it wouldn’t be a Schafer Christmas without a weapons exchange of some kind.


We got to enjoy the day together watching the kids play, catching up and playing with the new puppy, Remmington!



Finally, we ended with a Prime Rib and Salmon dinner thanks to Chef Wieseler!


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wishing You a Merry Christmas


Dear Friends and Family,

Merry Christmas! As naptime gets shorter and shorter so does my annual letter, so here is our highlight reel from the last year-

· Delaney, who turned 4 in August, started pre-school in September. Despite much worrying on my part, she loves it! It is a joy to watch her enjoy learning and make new friends. She loves to play with her toys (Bitty Baby and My Little Pony are the clear favorites), and more than once we’ve discovered her playing in her room long after bedtime. She is my little helper in the kitchen, and thus far everyone has escaped burns and bodily harm. Not one cell in her little body is mellow; she does everything from throwing tantrums to singing jingle bells with her whole heart. There sure is a lot of personality packed into that little girlie!

· Colton has spent this last year changing from a chubby little baby into a toddler in perpetual motion. He will be two in February but I think the terrible two’s have hit a little early! He loves to throw things (sometimes a ball, sometimes his entire dinner plate) eat Cheetos and “help” his dad fix things. He has started talking, and has more than a passing resemblance to Lynus, carrying his beloved blanket everywhere.

· We have managed to get away a few times this year, going to Vegas in March (without the kids!), Priest Lake in August, and California in November. The kids enjoyed their first plane ride to visit my brother and his fiancĂ©e Jessica in Sonoma but it almost killed us. Next time I think it will be the adults who get a dose of Benedryl!

· Ryan continues to stay busy at work, we have had a lot updates and changes this year and just started a remodel on the basement of the practice. I know he’s hoping for a calmer (and less expensive) 2012. I’m still home with the kids, trying to squeeze in a few minutes of reading and sewing when I can. I did run my first 5k this year, and shocked myself by not dying at the end of it!

· Here are this year’s book recommendations-

o The Winter Sea by Susanna Kearsley

o The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

As always, we hope this letter finds you and yours happy, healthy and full of the joy of Christmas. I count my blessings each night as I tuck my little ones into bed, and we are looking forward to another year full of skinned knees, bedtime stories and good night kisses!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,

Ryan, Amy, Delaney and Colton Wieseler




Monday, December 19, 2011

Twinkle’s Adventures Continued

Twinkle had been up to his usual shenanigans this week. We find him in the funniest places, and he always seems to find some mischief to get into around the house (sounds like two little children I know).

Here are a few of his recent hiding places-

Taking advantage of the Christmas decorations, and stealing my candy!



Taking his Pug out for a midnight ride


Phew, all that play means a little extra nap time with his good friend Mr. Bear


All that snoozing gave him some extra energy to have a snowball fight with Santa and his elf.


Borrowing Bitty Baby’s rocking chair to catch up on a little light reading


Playing Pirates, complete with an eye patch


and with total disregard for the cleanliness of my house, he TP’d our Christmas tree this evening…


Complete with a note. That stinker!


Can’t wait to see what this week brings, it must be exhausting upping your game each night! Smile