Saturday, April 17, 2010

Laney's new swing set

This weekend we finally got Delaney a swing set- it has been a long time in the making so we were pretty excited ! Little did we know that it would take us (Ryan) two FULL days to get it put together... Yikes!
It took 4 hours just to organize and label all the parts!

Checking on "baby Colton" while we worked.
Throwing a fit for some reason- I love that she went and layed down in the slide- what a drama queen!

A little too high for her mother's comfort

Finally done!!! YAY Daddy!!

Giving Dad a big thank you hug!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sleeping babies...

Okay- so it's not a big secret that Laney isn't exactly a "good sleeper". We have struggled to get her to sleep through the night for what seems like forever- I've read books, and tried a million different things to no avail. (Althought I am happy to report that now Laney is able to put herself to sleep most nights, after a few minutes of rocking and most nights sleeps till 6 in her own bed- not too bad, eh?)

But I digress- today Jess returned some books that she had borrowed and one was my favorite one on sleep ( The No-Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley- worth a read- althought I should add that if you're taking sleep advice from me you're pretty much screwed already) and re-read a the section on teaching new babies how to sleep, hoping to avoid making the same mistakes with Mr. Peanut.

She talks about putting your baby down to sleep so they don't get used to sleeping in your arms (good advice) but then adds....

Allow me to amend my advice just a bit, please...when you can, put your baby down so that she learns to sleep on her own, as well as in your arms. And when you don't put her down, hold her with your heart, too, and relish every gurgle, flutter, and little sighing breath. Trust me when I say you will miss this.

It brought tears to my eyes ( no easy task if you know me) and just made me remember to slow down. I wish Delaney was a better sleeper- but would I trade all of our cuddles and snuggles for a good nights sleep? I don't know....

Hmm.... hope I can find the middle ground with Colton, but if I err on the side of too many snuggles, I think I can live with it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Conversation...

A few days ago Laney picked out a Princess doll to put on the back of the toilet as a reward for going potty....

Mom: "Isn't Belle pretty? Look at her pretty dress."

Laney: "Her bootiful, her mine?"

Mom: " Would you like to open her?"

Laney: "Uh-huh"

Mom: " Okay- if you go potty on the toilet all day then when daddy gets home we can open her."

** Delaney takes a long look at me, then a loooong look at Belle and replies***

Laney: " No, I fine. Take her back to store mommy. Get diaper now."

Called my bluff . Well played little girl, well played.

How many??

Spoons does a girl need to eat her cereal ?

"puppies" does a girl need to take for a "walk"?

According to Laney "lots, mom I need lots".

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smiles and Sickness

Good news and bad news...

The Good news- Mr. Colton started smiling today- SOOO stinkin' cute! LOVE IT!

The Bad news- the little man also has his first cold. We went to the Dr because I didn't like the sound of his cough and they checked his oxygen saturation and it was fine. But we're keeping a close eye on him to make sure it doesn't get worse. I HATE that he is sick so little. Stupid people and their stupid germs! Wish I could've prevented it- say a little prayer for us that he gets better quickly!

Since we were at the doctor they weighed his and he is 8 lbs 11 oz. Up 2 pounds from birth- so he's obviously not going hungry :).

See he's starting to get some chub in those cheeks. I also made this adorable onsie using this tutorial. Very cute- and easy!

Hard to tell but he is smiling here- LOVE IT!

Colton's 1 month pictures

We made it into Penney's today to get some pictures taken of Colton- he didn't think anything of it but Delaney REFUSED to be in any pictures with him, but she looked dang cute (you'll just have to take my word for it) :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


This year for Easter we had the Wieseler's over to our house to decorate and hunt for eggs... Lots of fun!

Laney looking for eggs
Gracee tripped and spilled her bucket- it was pretty cute watching her trying to pick up her eggs as fast and she could!

What Colton did all day!

Helping Aunt Fran make deviled eggs...

Showing off her handiwork

Decorating eggs
This Easter was really fun- it was the first holiday that Delaney really got into (other than Christmas). She is still talking about the Easter bunny! Sunday night at 3:30 am she woke up and took me to the front door to "look for the easter bunny"... it was pretty cute (even though it was the middle of the night!)

1 month

Here are some pictures of Colton at 1 month... It's gone so quickly! Overall he's a pretty good baby, he gets up once a night and is generally pretty happy.

Taking his first bath- he wasn't so sure he liked it!