Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disneyland Day 1

This year I finally was able to talk Ryan into taking the kids to Disneyland! We had the best time- and came home exhausted!

Friday morning started off rough, with a loooong drive to Portland (on which, I puked my guts up). After many prayers and some Dramamine we all boarded the plane and headed to LA. Thankfully the kids traveled wonderfully and my flu was only short lived. We checked into the hotel and went to downtown Disney for some dinner, where the kids scored these awesome balloon animals.

Saturday was our first day at Disneyland! It was great fun, but we had some trouble getting on the same page. Mom wanted them to see the characters, and Dad wanted to take them to the rides….. and the kids just wanted some cotton candy! Before we left, I had made reservations for the kids to go get dressed like Disney charaters (Laney like a Princess and Colton like Jake from Neverland Pirates). So, when the afternoon rolled around we split up and I took my little princesses to the Bippity Boppity Boutique and Ryan and Colton went off to be pirates.

The Bippity Boppity Botique might’ve been my favorite part of the entire trip. Delaney got the full princess make-over, a host of fairy godmother’s took her dress shopping, did her hair, make-up and nails. It was so fun!


Once her makeover was complete, they whisked her off to a photoshoot…


Then it was off to promenade down to meet the “real” princesses.

(waving her to her royal subjects escorted by her fairy godmother.)


Then my little princess got to meet the princesses!


Now, while us girls were getting the royal treatment the boys were slightly less successful. Colton flat refused to “be Jake” and pitched a big fit (he was so adamant about NOT being Jake that every time we walked near that part of the park he began screaming and running the opposite direction). So, he and Daddy went to Toon Town instead.



After a long day at the park, I realized that I had forgotten my baby carrier in the baby room at Disneyland. Unfortunately, our tickets for the next day were in the pocket…. ugh! Luckily I had my receipts so they were able to print me new ones, but I spent a long night worried about it!

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