Saturday, October 26, 2013

San Diego Zoo

Tuesday, we left Jeff and Debbie’s and headed to San Diego. Our first stop was the zoo.


It was huge! In hindsight we didn’t have enough time there, we raced thru it and still didn’t have time to see everything. There were animals we’ve never seen before, and everything was a lot closer than we were used to seeing!


We had to wait in line to see the Pandas!


Going to the Zoo with Ryan is a completely different experience, we don’t really even bother reading the signs because he’s our own personal guide!




Ryan, with his spirit animal, a camel. A few months ago I asked him if chickens pee (they don’t) which somehow led him to looking up facts on camels, after which he declared them the coolest animal ever, thus his spirit animal. Every time I see one now, I can’t help but laugh!



After a full day at the zoo, we were lucky enough to get to meet up with a High School Classmate for dinner- great day!

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