Saturday, October 26, 2013

Disneyland Day 2


After reprinting our tickets, we were back for our second day at Disneyland. This time, we took some time over breakfast to plan our attack.

The kids wanted to ride the rides so they happily spent some time climbing and waiting in line.


One of their favorite rides was Buzz Lightening.


Colton and Ryan were shooting everything in sight!


We also rode Alice in Wonderland, Frog and Toad  and as many toehrw


There was an amazing display of carved pumpkins.

Toward the end of the day we hit the parade. The kids loved it, despite having to sit in the sun. It was a huge production- with music and floats and dancing!


For Dinner that evening we went to Goofy’s kitchen and ate dinner with the characters! It was a great way to get to see all the characters and the kids and I loved it. (and they served beer so Ryan did too!). The characters came around to each table and signed the kids books and took pictures- it was a blast and a great way to end our time at Disneyland!


Colton was his typical self and refused to eat anything so I had to take a picture of his first meal in days! Thank goodness for a spaghetti buffet!


I thought Brenna might be afraid of the characters but she was fascinated. She grabbed at everyone that would come close enough to let her. She even tried to chew a little on Chip’s paw!



You’ll notice that this is the only picture of Colton with any of the characters. He was all about getting their autograph, but wanted nothing to do with the picture…. until a pretty princess came around. I didn’t have to ask twice to get him in this picture and the look on his face cracks me up! A ladies man already- look out Aladdin, I think he might be trying to steal your lady!


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